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Porto do Açú and Japanese entrepreneurs announce EPZ operations for 2019

Paulo Nogueira
22-07-2018 10:45:53
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Porto do Açú Japanese businessmen plumb

Porto do Açú 120 Japanese businessmen participated yesterday in a meeting at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

O Port of Açu, representatives of the State of Rio de Janeiro and around 120 Japanese businessmen participated today in a meeting at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RJ). On the occasion, José Magela, president of Prumo Logística, presented the investment opportunities available in Porto do Açu and highlighted the benefits of having the only Export Processing Zone (ZPE) under development in the Southeast Region: “Porto do Açu offers excellent advantages for the installation of companies.

In addition to being strategically located close to the country's main oil fields, Açu is already in operation and has an area for the immediate installation of industries. The development of the Açu ZPE generates several business possibilities for the international market”. The Export Processing Zones are areas of free trade with foreign countries, intended for the installation of companies with export-oriented production. Created in 2017, by decree signed by President Michel Temer, and with an area of 2 km², the ZPE is expected to start operating in 2019.

Want to work in Porto?

Interested in applying for some job vacancies in the Port of Açu, there are two ways to apply so far: Through the Employability Network at the address www.vagas.com.br/rede-de-empregabilidade or at Prumo Logística, which is the administrator of the Port at the address  https://www.vagas.com.br/empregos/prumo-logistica, both are by registration, so don't leave it for later, because "THERE ARE HIRING HAPPENING". She was featured in the media last year, as you can check here too. Source: Prumo Logística

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