Start Brazilian Offshore Industry will be able to build 12 FPSOs per year

Brazilian Offshore Industry will be able to build 12 FPSOs per year

July 17, 2018 7:53 am to 7:53 am
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Offshore industry will be able to build 12 FPSOs per year in 5 years

Brazilian Offshore Industry will be able to build 12 FPSOs per year in the next 5 years according to sector investors who project great expectations for the future

Schineider Electric is very interested in the national construction of FPSOs, focused on the development of the project in Brazil, it has assembled a team of specialists who specifically took care of the Brazilian sector, according to the vice president who is focused on the local industry, Luis Felipe Kessler, the main technologies are already being directed to Brazil, Today it already supplies some equipment for FPSOs, with E-house (electric mode), Santos Basin, specifically, Sepia. The vice president in an interview said of this focus on the local market, “In addition, we are also providing [for Sepia] what we call electrical system automation. He does all the protection control. This contract is already in execution and should be concluded by the end of the year”. “Petrobrás is starting to recover its profitability and has a clear investment plan in FPSOS for the next 3 to 5 years”.

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The FPSO market in Brazil

The national market is pointing to growth, but it needs care to avoid losses, according to the multinational's vide-president, there is still a lot of work ahead, some projects need to be finalized. There is the situation of logistics, investments, refining, the pre-salt layer, which generates a lot of expenses. According to research and trends in the FPSO market, if all goes well, up to 12 units per year can be built over a period of 5 years. The world's main companies and investors are looking for development opportunities in Brazil, Schineider is one of those, the possibility of total focus here is real because the level of competition in relation to auctions and partnerships is increasing more and more. Currently, Petrobras has been looking for clean energy, such as Solar, Gas and Eólicas, demonstrating a range of projects and investments that will bring profits to the offshore and onshore sector.

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 New Investments

Multinacional already has contracts with some FPSOs, but they are looking to extend the contracts. The possibilities for 2019 include Libra with four units. Even taking care not to make mistakes in the investments, the company starts to set up new plants, focused on the regional team that has a financial base in Latin America, injecting all the investment for the conclusion of all the works. The company's business base is Offshore and within the O&G sector, Schneider Electric has the highest level of technology, trained personnel in all petrochemical spheres. Investment in Brazil will bring jobs, increase import and export assets, but the most important thing will be the revitalization of the Shipyards. click ON HERE to read one of our posts about the National Shipyards.

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