Oil companies offshore in Brazil open many places for foreigners today

Oil companies

Today there are many job openings  in Oil companies sectors with up-to-date e-mails and real selection processes. Your chance is now!

Replacement in oil companies  with good jobs today is not easy, but if we look well and in the right sources, we can find something, after all Brazil can not stop, right? We need to eat, dress, produce fuel for our industrial machinery and the entire productivity chain of modern life. Because of this, some companies will open enough opportunities today for new contracts, both from national and international companies, some even offering jobs for Brazilians abroad, provided they have the necessary qualifications. Below you can see which professionals are required for today.

Opportunities open

Today’s vacancies are for Welders, Technician in Measurement, Process Technician, Mechanical Technician with Disability, Refrigeration Technician, Safety Technician, Painters, Maintenance Electricians, MACHINE CHIEF, Welding Inspectors, Nurses, Officers of Bedroom, junior engineer and more.


Human Resources company recognized in Brazil hires TIG / MIG / MAG welders for temporary work urgently. Send your CVs to rh.ordemcerta@gmail.com

Cooling technician

Required experience with air conditioners, precision equipment. Experience with office package, reports, CNH updated. Desirable own vehicle. Required experience in the function. Full technical training in Refrigeration or Electrotechnical Mechanics, NR-10. CLT Vacancy + benefits. From Monday to Saturday – from 09:00 to 17:20 hs. Send cvs within profile to: ana.gazetta@acecoti.com

Junior Engineer of Subsea Installations

Wood Group with a position for Junior Engineer of Subsea Facilities for Wood Group Kenny – RJ. Interested please send CV to: manuela.mota@woodgroup.com.

DOF Brazil Needs Electricians, Nurses and Room Officials

DOF is urgently needing these professionals for immediate start. Click Here To Apply and see if you fit religiously in the job assignments.



Experience of more than 4 years in the maritime support operation; Experience over 2 years of Chief Engineer (AHTS), power exceeding 5000BHP; Candidates with this profile, please send CV to: patricia.santos@grupocbo.com.br NOTE: Those that do not meet the requirements, will be discarded!

Maintenance Painters and Electricians

The CCS metallurgy company located in São Paulo has open positions for painters and electricians. They must have experience in the function and availability to live in the place. Interested, send your CVs to curriculum@ccstec.com.br

Occupational Safety Technician

Environmental Safety, Environmental and Health. Desirable: Qualification in the area of environment, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Click Here To Apply

Measurement Technician

DNV-GL, a multinational company located in Fortaleza, has an open staff for Technicians in Measurement. Need to have technical training in electrical, electronics and automation. It is also mandatory to have experience in the wind, solar or electric industry. Click here to apply

Process technician

Education: Technical Education in Metallurgy, Chemistry.
Experience: Industrial production process in aluminum plant in gas treatment plant.
Skills: Ability to organize, commitment, high level of attention. Click here to apply

Mechanical Technician with especial needs

This selection process is to generate a bank of candidates for future open positions in Ambev. If you receive an approval email, please wait. When we have a vacancy open, the unit will contact you. Compulsory training: 2nd degree Mechatronics, Mechanical, Electromechanical. Click here to apply

Trabalhe embarcado em 4 passos

Já imaginou um tipo de emprego ao qual você trabalha 6 meses e folga 6, além de um faturamento anual que ultrapassa fácil os 100 mil reais? Parece um sonho, mas é totalmente possível. O método 4 Passos Para Trabalhar Embarcado oferece todos os recursos que você precisa para trilhar o caminho rumo ao sucesso profissional, nas verdade nem precisa ter formação técnica ou superior, apenas vontade. Pessoas reais e comentários reais de profissionais que estão tendo sucesso com este material. Mas o método por si só não faz milagres, você têm que querer, desejar muito...  Não basta fazer cursos, estudar muito e torcer para que o mercado absorva você, o conhecimento é a chave, e esta chave você encontra no curso 4 Passos Para Trabalhar Embarcado clicando aqui.
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Paulo Nogueira
Formado em Eletrotécnica e entusiasta do setor de tecnologia, já atuei em empresas do ramo de energia, óleo e gás como técnico de operações, Pressure Downrole Gauge Operator e em plataformas de completação do Brasil e exterior