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Works on the runway at Macaé Airport are released

Paulo Nogueira
02-05-2018 09:16:08
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Commercial flights from all over Brazil will be released in the city to meet the demand of people in the oil sector in Macaé

what they didn't do in city of Macaé in the last 40 years of the Campos Basin, now the authorities are chasing to optimize the municipality's revenues and improve people's logistics. The Ministry of Transport issued a statement to Infraero (April 24) guaranteeing the release of works on the preparation and adaptations so that commercial flights in the city are possible, which nowadays is used only to serve the offshore market of companies operating in the Campos and Santos Basin.

The company that won the bid to complete these works is from Minas Gerais, they met on the 27th (Friday) with the team and the superintendence of Infraero to discuss technical and bureaucratic terms of the works, which should already undergo interventions from June . At this moment, ANAC ((National Civil Aviation Agency) is working on the adequacy and organization of flights, consequently, on the authorization, planning and release that, according to the agency's estimates, will be issued in about 30 days.

The value of the works was 24 million reais and the runway classification level will be raised so that large commercial aircraft will be allowed, which will not conflict with the helicopters that handle the personnel logistics for the oil platforms. The project also foresees the widening of the shoulders, the implantation of LED lamps in the beacon signaling, the implantation of vertical signaling and the total painting of the lane. The works are expected to be completed within a period of one year.

These works will solve problems in Macaé that have been tormenting people who work here for years, since many of them are from different regions of Brazil and even abroad. Many have to travel from airports that are far from the city, take buses or other land transport to reach the municipality, which in short is aimed at the offshore sector. Large domestic commercial flights will now improve and optimize costs for companies and people, in addition to consolidating Macaé as a reference in these types of services. “It was necessary to face the face of the crisis to show defective sectors, previously accommodated by the abundance of oil”, says Paulo Nogueira, editor of the website Click Petróleo e Gás.

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