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Comperj works are coming and 4 companies are fighting fiercely to take over UPGN

Paulo Nogueira
14-06-2017 08:39:55
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Comperj works are coming and 4 companies are fighting fiercely to take over UPGN

Comperj is being fiercely disputed and there are only 4 companies left in the fight to see who wins the works in July

Finally, Comperj is in its final stretch and the press office of UPGN has already released that of all the companies invited, only 4 of them remained in the dispute. In July we will have the final answer as to which corporation will win the contract for finalize the venture.

About 34 companies from abroad were requested by Petrobras to participate in the bids, but during the voracious elimination process, only 4 of them remained. That's because they showed the best offers and certifications required. The companies that are in the final stretch are:

  • Toyo
  • Fluorine
  • Snake
  •  Kervi

BR has set a minimum price of 2 billion reais, but this value will probably be a little higher, according to the calculation of executives responsible for the project. Bearing in mind that these works are the only 100% guaranteed by Petrobras, I share the need to urgently dispose of pre-salt production. This venture is also part of the state-owned business plan that began in 2017 and ends in 2019.

This news generated a lot of controversy at the time of the announcement of this bidding because only foreign companies were summoned and Brazilian companies did not participate in the move, due to many of them who would have the expertise to carry out the work, being involved in the Lava Jato scandals. Even so, Pedro Parente, who is the current president of Petrobras, met with several mayors of the cities that make up the Comperj region, guaranteeing that it is not a matter of promises, the UPGN is necessary and fundamental for the pre-salt and it will happen in a way or another.

Pedro Parente with mayors with mayors around Comperj

Pedro Parente with Mayors around Comperj

But despite this preference for foreign companies that had a better classification, in one way or another the association with Brazilian companies will be inevitable, even because some of them have already provided construction services for BR in the past. Engineers who are familiar with the works have already said that this budget of 2 billion reais will not be enough and Petrobras will likely face pressure to increase this amount. The only Brazilian company released by the court and able to take over the UPGN would be Andrade Gutierrez, but unfortunately there was not enough time for him to participate in the bids. It is estimated that the work will start in the second half of 2017, but there is already talk of an extended deadline for 2018 because a company has not yet been hired to process the natural gas.

Source: Petronoticias

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