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Works on a thermoelectric plant with 4 companies and contracts

Paulo Nogueira
20-05-2018 21:17:08
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sergipe thermoelectric works vacancies

The companies Celse, Enesa, MCM and Montcalm are ahead of the construction works of the enterprise in Sergipe

The works on the Sergipe Thermoelectric plant that are taking place in the municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros, about 10 km from Aracajú, are in full swing and some companies present in the contract disclosed official emails and contacts for those interested in applying. Celse is in charge of the contract (Centrais Elétricas do Sergipe), but there are other companies present, some already in the contract for some time and another that entered recently, so there are latent possibilities of hiring.

  • Celse – As stated above, she is responsible for the works and has been hiring little by little, but she has determined some parameters and requirements for those who want to apply for vacancies. One of them is that the priority of the vacancies would be Sergipe workers, but residents of other places will be able to apply as well.
  • Enesa  – It had already hired a good number of workers when it took over its part in the construction of the works, but as the company's official contacts are still available on its official portals, there are possibilities for new hires (but we are not sure).
  • Montacalm – He recently entered the contract and, together with Enesa, took over the contract this month of May.
  • MCM Industrial Assemblies – Also present in works with specific specialties to meet the demand, she along with the others start this month the new phase of the enterprise.

Contacts of these companies

  • Celse ⇒ Register CVs on the website http://www.softwarerh.com.br/celse
  • Enesa ⇒ Register your CV by e-mail rh@enesa.com.br
  • Montcalm ⇒ recrutamento@montcalm.com.br
  • MCM ⇒ http://corporativo.mcmmontagens.com.br:8090/Account/Register

Remembering that this information is based on publications from the companies' websites, the media and our own followers/connections who are close to the enterprise and who pass this information on to us. Check out some sources and what people are saying about it below.

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