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Work in Minas Gerais needs technicians in various training

Paulo Nogueira
22-07-2018 17:40:31
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Works Minas Gerais Divinópolis technical vacancies

The professionals will work in the city of Divinópolis - MG in electromechanical work in the maintenance and assembly industry

Great work in Minas Gerais  in a manufacturing and assembly company of metal parts, the company that is intermediating these contracts is Avvio Perfect Professional Match, Human Resources specialized in recruiting qualified labor in various market segments. Although the works are in MG, the company is headquartered in Brasília, so we will list below the requirements and attributions to apply:

Requirements and Attributions

  • Technical training and industry experience
  • Knowledge in electromechanical assembly and manufacture of metal parts (industrial plumber services) of electrical equipment (industrial electrical infrastructure, electrical panels with inverter, PLC, pumps).
  • Will supervise electromechanical works under the coordination of the production engineer.
  • He will lead a team that will carry out the assembly of electrical equipment, communication, control and power cabling, assembly of cable trays, ducts, substation, project interpretation, pump assembly, fluffy and stainless steel barrel, mechanized grid, mats, fiberglass platforms, etc. , under the coordination of an electrical engineer in charge of the technical department.

Interested in working on these works in Minas Gerais, send resumes in word format to recruitment@avvioppm.com under the acronym “ELETROMECÂNICA/18”, informing mobility and expectation of remuneration. Stay tuned, there is also a work in São Gonçalo do Amarante hiring 15 Occupational Safety Technicians for immediate start, learn more about it by accessing the article here.

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