Start With record attendance, International Fair of Machinery and Equipment (FEIMEC) 2022 reheats industry sales after the recession caused by the pandemic

With record attendance, International Fair of Machinery and Equipment (FEIMEC) 2022 reheats industry sales after the recession caused by the pandemic

May 13, 2022 8:41 am to 08:41
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FEIMEC 2022 Machinery and Equipment Industry
More than 900 exhibitors filled the eyes of visitors during the 5-day event | Source: FEIMEC

International Fair of Machinery and Equipment (FEIMEC) 2022 had more than 55 thousand visitors and more than 900 exhibiting brands from several countries

The market for products aimed at the industry is beginning to show signs of reheating. That's what showed International Machinery and Equipment Fair (FEIMEC) 2022, held between May 3rd and 7th, which had a double record: audience and sales volume, compared to previous years. The event was attended by more than 55 thousand people and 900 exhibiting brands, occupying 64 thousand square meters of the pavilion.

This great fair, held by the partnership between Informa Markets and ABIMAQ (Brazilian Association of Machines and Equipment), brought companies from several countries such as the United States, China, and Germany, among others. It also goes down in history as the biggest FEIMEC edition of all time, both in terms of the participation of new exhibitors and the volume of sales.

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Check out how the first day of FEIMEC 2022 went in the video below

First day of FEIMEC brings several news | Source: FEIMEC Fair

FEIMEC 2022 brings economic growth to the national industry

The result of FEIMEC 2022 surprised even the most optimistic and had a great impact on machinery and equipment sales. After all, the last 3 years without the fair, because of the pandemic, failed to show the public several innovations and improvements in equipment for the industry.

Therefore, there was an accumulated economic growth of 43% for the 3 years prior to 2022, which may lead experts to review their forecasts, which are calculated at 3% for the domestic market and 17% for exports. This points to a very promising development potential in the industry, with a progressive increase in the sales volume of machinery and equipment.

The success of the event brought many opportunities for exhibitors and on the penultimate day of the event (06/05) some companies have already reached more than R$ 3 million in sales of machinery and equipment for sectors such as boilermaking and machining.

Large companies such as Romi, Hexagon, SEW Eurodrive Brasil and Cobsen report that the event was a success

The success of the event did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the exhibitors, who achieved a large volume of sales. One of the biggest companies in the field of machines and tools, Romi, had great prominence at this year's event. According to the commercial director, Maurício Lopes, the success was the result of the great dynamics between customers and exhibitors, which favored negotiations.

Hexagon, a leading brand in autonomous solutions, software and sensors, also felt the benefits of the event. CEO Danilo Lapastini stated that FEIMEC 2022 brought sales records, with 16 machines and equipment sold during the event and other deals triggered for posterity.

SEW Eurodrive Brasil brought launches such as the autonomous car to the industry and managed to negotiate several opportunities, having surprising results after the events, as pointed out by the general director Alexandre Reis. Celso Pavanella, commercial manager at Cobsen, also reiterated the success of FEIMEC 2022, in which they sold four large pieces of equipment, something unprecedented in all the years of participation in the fair. Both professionals emphasize the hope of economic growth in the industry for the coming years.

Sales volume of machines and equipment hits record at FEIMEC 2022, and brings hope of a heated market for the coming years

That the event was a success, you already know. So let's see this in numbers. A major brand of high pressure equipment, Flow, managed to sell four machines at this year's fair, with values ranging from R$ 700 thousand to R$ 1 million each. Welle Laser was not far behind and closed the sale of a sheet metal cutting machine, the CS-3000, estimated at R$ 3.4 million.

Burtin, another machinery and equipment company, sold over R$1 million worth of equipment at the event. Foreign brands such as the Italian Cutlite Penta, also had their share of the cake, closing the sale of laser cutting machines with a module of 18 meters. German Haimer, in turn, closed a deal for 3 small machines.

In the welding sector, AH Soldas managed to add R$ 1.2 million in sales at FEIMEC 2022. There were also those who offered a discount to speed up the purchase. The company Tectronix, which sells cutting machines, made a super promotion in the last two days of the event, making sales even more attractive.

FEIMEC 2022 brings innovation and stimulates the advancement of Industry 4.0

Of course, innovation could not be lacking. ABIMAQ, one of the organizers of the event, brought a Demonstrator of Technological Solutions for Industry 4.0 that showed visitors, in real time, a little more about how technology works for the new industrial concept of the new era. Several sessions on 4.0 solutions were available, including:

  • Systems integration;
  • Traceability;
  • Predictive Maintenance Control;
  • Digital stock.

All this presented in technological rounds and organized in more than 20 lectures distributed throughout the pavilion, to contemplate the entire public.

Can not go? Then check out the Xperience Industry Digital Journey

If you missed this great event and want to know more, there is still time to review the events and news of FEIMEC 2022 through the Xperience Industry Digital Journey. It takes place between the 9th and 13th of May and has all the online records of the event that took place in person. In this immersive experience, you can already have access to 6 available lectures:

  • Industry 4.0 from a Business and Strategy point of view;
  • The digitization of the shop floor through artificial intelligence;
  • The new directions of predictive and prescriptive maintenance;
  • Connectivity and IoT in SMEs;
  • LGPD – Why is it so important;
  • Open innovation in industry and intelligent machines.

Check out the schedule and review everything about this historic event for the Brazilian industry. 

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