Start Wintershall is coming to Brazil: Opportunities in sight

Wintershall is coming to Brazil: Opportunities in sight

March 14, 2018 11:59 am to 11:59 am
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As one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world, Wintershall has grown an eye on the potential of Brazilian oil reserves and will participate in upcoming auctions

THE wintershall is an oil and gas subsidiary of BASF, with very strong operations in Norway, Libya and Russia, recently announced that it has plans to come to Brazil in order to expand its operations globally. Also according to Wintershall executives, the Brazilian oil market is one of the most promising today globally, considering the jump in oil production, in a good-natured way, going so far as to say on the page that the hot weather in Brazil would also be one of the reasons

In partnership with the German DEA Petroleum, everything indicates that it will already dispute the fields in the next rounds. With a partnership already established in other countries, Wintershall does not deny the possibility of working in partnership with Statoil and ExxonMobil in Brazil. Wintershall is Germany's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas. It exports and produces oil and gas in Europe, North Africa, South America, Russia and the Middle East. Operating for over 85 years with a workforce of 2000 employees.

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