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Wheatherford Offshore hires heavyweight in Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
11-06-2018 15:15:32
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A pioneer in oil well completion operations around the world, Wheatherford hires in many roles for its pole in Macaé

One of the largest oilfield service companies, weatherford operates in over 100 countries and employs over 35,000 people worldwide. With a portfolio of products and services that covers the entire life cycle of a well, including drilling, appraisal, realization, production and interventions. In a robust research and development effort, it is well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.

Jobs in Macaé and in the World

Weatherford has one of its main operational centers in Macaé - RJ to serve the Campos and Santos Basin. Great company to work for and build a good career plan. We have even worked with her several times in well completion activities. Take a look at some of the vacancies available at the company in the city:

  • Direct Tax analyst III
  • Mechanical Assistant
  • Operator I

These are just the vacancies in Brazil, but she has open selection processes in several places around the planet and anyone with the necessary requirements can apply with confidence. There are positions for administrative, practical, technical, engineering and other courses. As of the date of this publication, we found 411 job opportunities in the search results.

how to apply

If you are interested in Weatherford Offshore opportunities in Macaé, CLICK ON THIS LINK IN BOLD RED. If you have English and you think you have a chance to apply for an international selection process, CLICK ON THIS BLUE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT to access international vacancies. One of the great differentials of this company is that it is not necessary to have boarding courses such as CBSP or HUET if you pass their selection process, all your qualification is on account of Weatherford.


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