WEG, BMW and ENERGY SOURCE develop an unprecedented system that integrates solar generation, charging station and energy storage in lithium batteries for sustainable electric mobility in Brazil

Flavia Marinho
21-04-2022 12:25:33
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Project developed by WEG allows electric vehicles to be recharged with energy generated by the sun and stored in second life batteries, provided by the company Energy Source and coming from BMW electric vehicles

Recently, the Brazilian multinational WEG developed, in partnership with the giants BMW Brasil and Energy Source, an unprecedented system in Brazil for fast charging of electric vehicles, which can operate connected or completely disconnected from the power distribution network, using batteries connected to solar panels.

WEG has been reinforcing its strategy in the development of sustainable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and signing a series of partnerships for the supply of distributed solar generation systems and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Watch the video below and learn more about the project of the global giants

The system called Carport Solar Off-Grid allows electric vehicles to be recharged with energy generated by the sun and stored in second-life batteries, supplied by the company Energy Source and coming from BMW electric vehicles. When the batteries are 100% charged, it is also possible to export surplus solar energy to the electricity grid.

“This project promotes the Sun to Wheel concept to 100% sustainable fast charging of electric vehicles, without using energy from the electrical grid (Off grid). With national technology, we are developing the necessary infrastructure to support electric mobility in Brazil”, explains Manfred Peter Johann, Superintendent Director of WEG Automação.

New technologies will allow electric vehicles to be increasingly a global reality

The Carport Solar Off-Grid, which had the participation of multidisciplinary teams from all partner companies, was installed in the BMW industrial park in Araquari/SC.

“The future of premium mobility is sustainable, and the BMW Group supports the national development of new technologies that will allow electric vehicles to become an increasingly global reality”, says Vivaldo Chaves, Director of Operations at BMW Group Brazil. “This year, we will have five fully electric models being sold in the country (BMW i3, iX3, i4, iX and MINI SE) and we believe that Brazil has excellent professionals to lead the transformation of the mobility industry in the region”, adds the executive. .

“For us, at Energy Source, to be part of such a bold project in partnership with WEG and BMW is very gratifying, allowing us to make all our know-how and demonstrate to the national and international market the excellence of batteries second-life developed by us, in addition to the infinite range of application possibilities”, comments David Noronha, CEO from EnergySource.

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