Students create solar-powered greenhouse

Group of architecture students build a prototype capable of growing food and producing solar energy without human assistance

There are already projections that a greenhouse will be developed that produces 10 times more solar energy than the current one.

The solar greenhouse developed by architecture students was installed in the Sierra de Collserola Natural Park

The concept can be built on urban rooftops and terraces and refugee camps where there is a severe shortage of food and electricity.

institutee for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

The execution of the solar energy greenhouse project was led by the architects Daniel Ibáñez and Vicente Guallart.

In just two months the students built the solar energy greenhouse. The execution of the project was led by great architects.

The greenhouse that generates solar energy is an interpretation of Vicente Guallart's philosophy, carried out by students

Production of solar energy without human assistance. Ultraviolet and LED light contributes to the production of lettuce, eggplant and tomato at night.