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Government of Pernambuco is about to regain the autonomy of the Port of Suape and will generate many jobs

by Roberta Souza

January 06, 2022

Ministry of Infrastructure,

Ministry of Infrastructure, in a meeting, guaranteed to the government of Pernambuco the resumption of the Port of Suape's autonomy within 60 days


Drafting the new agreement

 of delegation of competence and return of autonomy in the administration of contracts is being finalized by the ministry


According to the Minister of Infrastructure

Marcelo Sampaio, the Port of Suape has the necessary requirements for the return of its autonomy


The minister stressed

 also the publication, in the Official Gazette (DOU) of the last April 28th, of the elimination of Ilha da Cocaia from the physical limits of the orderly port of Suape


Due to this decision

Due to this decision, it will become feasible to install an ore terminal in the area that will make it possible to complete the railroad


Governor of Pernambuco celebrates the feasibility of the railroad

and the conquest of the resumption of autonomy of Suape


According to him

, the feasibility of the railway, as well as the resumption of the Port of Suape's autonomy, are essential achievements


This deal could bring an economic turn

that will provide more jobs and development for the state of Pernambuco