Luxury boats in Brazil

 Luxury vessels in Brazil Moved a market of 2 billion reais in 2021 with great prominence

Yachts were the protagonists 

There are even long queues despite the coronavirus hit activities  

The data are from

The data from these sources are from the Brazilian Association of Boat ConstructorsIf your implements, ACOBAR 

This because...

This is because international manufacturers started to build their vessels in Brazil

investors know

Investors know that the boat rental market here is also attractive and profitable in several segments.

Azi Luxury Vesselmut Large 27 Metri

,same model of the player Cristiano Ronaldo is manufactured in Brazil too.

fun is important

People realized that leisure is important and saw boats as an option of good taste and popularity

international highlights

One of the international highlights is the Lagoon 46, a French luxury catamaran.

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