Government of Rio de Janeiro will provide R$ 80 million to subsidize solar energy projects and generate jobs

Projects and job creation

About 10 years ago, own generation of solar energy attracted around R$ 1.9 billion in investments to RJ

The new investments in the solar energy sector, should put RJ on the route of energy generation, generating jobs and income.

The resources can be destined to Rural Production, schools, hospitals and also to popular houses, by the development agency AgeRio

RJ has 342.8 megawatts (MW) in operation of solar energy in homes, businesses, industries, rural properties and public buildings.

The executive branch is working on a new project to turn some municipalities in the state into “smart cities” models.

Transport, connectivity and lighting infrastructure, in addition to digital transformation and new high-efficiency models for energy supply.

New plans for investments in the energy sector in Niterói, RJ. The aim of the project is to use solar energy, through solar farms.