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We were at Feira Brasil offshore 2017 – Find out what the event will have on our lives from now on

Paulo Nogueira
24-06-2017 23:34:56
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We were at the Brasil offshore Fair 2017 - Find out what the event's impacts will be on our lives from now on

More than business, the Brasil Offshore Fair 2017 was a symbol of hope for the recovery of the economy in the oil and gas industry

The 3rd largest oil and gas event in the world, the Brasil Offshore Fair 2017, which started on the 20th and ended on the 23rd in Macaé-RJ, was more than special, not only for the business and exhibitions that took place at the event, but because of what it can potentially represent in our lives, even for those who do not work or carry out activities directly linked to the sector. I, Paulo Nogueira(if you want to follow me on facebook) I was at the event, I talked to many businessmen, both from national and multinational companies and I would like to pass on some technical information and others from my point of view in the next paragraphs. So read it carefully and if you can't do it now, save this link to read the article at a better time.

Before anything else, watch this little amateur interview I did with one of the AGETRAB front men:

Multinationals at the event

See also this other video below showing the representatives of foreign companies at the event and what they think of Brazil for business in the Oil and Gas sector:

Brazil Offshore 2017 (InterTV report)

The video above clearly reinforces and illustrates the interest of multinationals in the offshore industry in Brazil. I talked to many foreigners and most of them revealed that the country's potential for the sector is simply phenomenal and that the fair's function is to promote this exchange between operators, service providers and suppliers.

Did you realize how important the mastery of the english language for the oil and gas sector? You cannot escape this, it is a reality that we have to start to consider. Consider having some kind of language initiation as soon as possible, as you saw in the video “which is practically a Tower of Babel”, everyone has English as a second language.

 Economy and job creation

In the second video below, see the statement by the Mayor of Macaé Aluízio about the impacts of the event on our lives:

Brazil offshore 2017 – Renaissance 
As you saw and heard in the mayor's statement at the opening of the event, measures are being taken and work is being done for the economic recovery not only of Macaé, but for all the cities that make up the Campos Basin. It turns out that it has been 40 years of exploration in this Basin, and we are now experiencing a “MATURE” moment for our deposits (downward production of hydrocarbons). The good news is that Petrobras will contract 4 more oil platforms and revitalize some oil fields, which according to the state-owned company's projections, will produce until 2052.( Click here for more details) . The pre-salt auctions that will take place in September will also move the economy.

In the most optimistic projections of experts in the sector, they say that the market will resume hiring on a scalable-upward basis with more regularity in 2018, which will benefit all professionals in all chains of the economy, whether commercial or industrial.

The importance of Macaé in the offshore world

Yes, the city of Macaé is still quoted to receive investments from the oil and gas industry. As much as Porto do Açú has a much higher port logistics capacity, Macaé still has all the infrastructure and technological expertise of oil and gas companies located in the city.

In addition, there is a movement called Macaé Porto Já, which fights for the implementation of a port terminal in the city, in order to revitalize the economic potential of the city. As Gilson, one of the representatives of Abespetro, says, “Macaé without a port is a body without a heart”. It is necessary that the city already begins to overcome all political and bureaucratic obstacles so that the city can grow exponentially again and live up to its title of National Capital of Oil.


According to official data from the event, the fair had 154 companies, 17 of which are oil and gas market leaders. They are: Air Liquide, Alphatec, Baker Hughes, BW Offshore, Estaleiro Mauá, Forship, Huisman, NUCLEP, Petrobras UO-BC, Porto do Açu, Queiroz Galvão, Shell, Sotreq, Subsea7, TechnipFMC, Transpetro and Tridimensional.

An estimated amount of 142 million reais was accounted for in business at the event. Many suppliers of goods and services had the opportunity to learn about how large corporations in the sector work and took the opportunity to increase their portfolios of potential customers.

Compared to previous editions of the event, the 2017 fair had a lower volume of visitors, obviously due to the crisis. As I said at the beginning of the article: ” The Brasil Offshore Fair 2017 is more than business, it marks the hope of a people who yearn for practical results”.


Naturally, we always hope for the best, but unfortunately, due to the leftover political and economic crisis that plagues our country, we still have a good and long way to go until the usual stability that we were used to. Nowadays, professional training in this field is more about risk than investment. This portal is not intended to promote false hopes, but look, what would be worse: being prepared for the market and having 1% of chance or not being and having 0%? I know that many want to enter this sector, but without preparation and knowledge, this task becomes more arduous than usual. Remembering that the work is being done for the revitalization of the sector so let's go up Oil workers!

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Paulo Nogueira
With technical training, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.