Start Video: United States manages to develop robot with human abilities. It's amazing what he's able to do.

Video: United States manages to develop robot with human abilities. It's amazing what he's able to do.

November 27, 2017 11:18 am to 11:18 am
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The Google company managed to make a robot capable of dropping, jumping and working. People are afraid of the future!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The company specializing in the creation of robots, Boston Dynamics, was bought in 2017 by the monstrous Google. To celebrate this acquisition, on the 16th of November, a new prototype based on the Atlas robot was shown to the world. In this version, he can jump, jump, and perform precise backwards or forwards somersaults. You still don't believe? See the video below of the Atlas published on Youtube:


Let's face it, doing stunts of this level is already difficult for anyone, just with a lot of training and physical conditioning that few do it. In the case of Atlas, just a few programs with a specific algorithm already solves the problem in a matter of minutes. But there are still some technical difficulties to be solved, but they are already being overcome as the studies advance.

Until then, the robot is configured to do simple tasks with the characteristics of a common worker, such as picking up and carrying boxes. Following the machine developers, jumping and other stunts was an update to better develop the balance system

The robot weighs about 75 kg and belongs to the 3rd generation of a pro type that weighed an incredible 375 kg, what a difference, no? This was thanks to 3d printer technology, which made it possible to make lighter parts, promoting gains in agility and more flexible parts. Remembering that when Boston Dynamics was conceived, its purpose was to develop military weapons. As she is highly expert in robotics, Google ended up buying her because they saw the futuristic potential of this technology. Many are against and others in favor. And you, what do you think of robots that do everything better than humans?

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