Start Video: Petrobras takes an indestructible blow from Exxon, says Paulo Henrique Amorim

Video: Petrobras takes an indestructible blow from Exxon, says Paulo Henrique Amorim

April 13, 2018 7:58 am to 7:58 am
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Paulo Henrique Amorim says in a video that the oil auctions were a coup to end Petrobras and deliver the crown jewels to Exxon Mobil

Paulo Henrique Amorim – The Brazilian people's company, Petrobras, has allied itself with the American Exxon, the largest oil company in the world today, to explore areas adjacent to the pre-salt layer that belong to the Brazilian people. The purpose is to explore an area that, in layman's terms, is next to the pre-salt already explored by the state company "on behalf of the Brazilian people", in fact, Exxon bought 10 adjacent areas, which in Paulo Amorim's view, for a price well below what it would actually be worth, about 1 billion dollars.

In the reporter's opinion, if the “coup” had taken place (referring to the impeachment of Dilma), the areas would have been exploited by Petrobras. It turns out that there is a risk that these areas are as rich as the pre-salt layer, so “the filet mignon” would go to Exxon, while the Brazilians would go to the less noble parts. In another auction of hydroelectric plants by Cemig, Chinese, French and Italians managed to buy hydroelectric plants that were the head of the state-owned company, that is, with each passing day, the generation of electricity is in the hands of foreigners.

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In your opinion, is it a good idea for the government to privatize so many of Brazil's resources for the benefit of foreign companies or to hope that some company in the country has the competence and expertise necessary to carry out activities in this segment and somehow make the economic machine spin? The fact is that our companies no longer have financial breath due to the crisis, measures have been taken, for better or for worse, the answer to all this we will only see in the future.

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