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Video Band News: Petrobras will modernize 39 oil platforms in 2018 in an official statement. Lots of jobs at the beginning of next year!

Paulo Nogueira
06-12-2017 07:28:52
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petrobras offshore vacancies

The Brazilian oil and gas segment begins a new era, Petrobras has just declared that there will be many works in the Campos Basin

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Investment of 3 billion reais is the first since the beginning of Lava Jato, in 2014, and affects 39 of the 53 platforms operating in the Campos Basin currently in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The new batch of orders will be divided into 3 tenders and the structural reforms of the equipment will allow increasing production in Petrobras’ oldest deepwater exploration area, which began in the 1970s.

For more than 30 years, the Campos Basin was responsible for more than 80% for all national oil production. With the discovery of the pre-salt layer, the Campos Basin ended up losing space in the state-owned company's investment plan, corresponding today to 44% of all Brazilian production. For specialists, the investment signals to the market that the area still has potential

” When you look again at the Campos Basin, you show investors that Brazil is not just the pre-salt layer, that Brazil is not just Petrobras. Our country has a series of other players, which are the assets (areas of oil and gas exploration in the country), which are as interesting as…. depending on the size of the company you come to work for”, says Fernanda Delgado, a researcher at FGV. [see the video of this report by Band News Below]

The Expectation that with the orders, 3 thousand jobs will be created. The Economist, Renato Fragelli, says that the interest rate has already dropped a lot and still has the potential to drop a little more because there is no inflationary pressure at the moment, so the trend is that the economy starts to recover little by little. But he warns: One thing to regain production capacity, which we already have today, another totally different thing is the expansion of this capacity from now on, which requires investment that will only occur with credibility and organization of the country. GO TO THE MENU AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE AND SEARCH THE LATEST JOBS.

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