Vestas partners with Pan American Energy to build 423 MW wind farm in Bahia

Valdemar Medeiros
10-05-2022 11:33:46
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wind energy - wind farm - Bia - Vestas - Pan-American-Energy Vestas giant wind turbine – image: Vestas/Disclosure

Vestas has entered into a new partnership to deliver 94 wind turbines to the Pan American Energy wind farm in Bahia.

Pan American Energias Renováveis signed a contract with Vestas to supply and install 94 wind energy turbines V150-4.5 MW for the Novo Horizonte wind farm, located in the state of Bahia. According to the president of Vestas in Latin America, Eduardo Ricotta, Vestas is pleased to further expand its partnership with Pan American Energy and support its expansion in Latin America with this wind energy project that begins its operation to produce clean energy in the country.

Delivery of the wind turbines is scheduled for 2024

According to the vice president of International Development at Pan American Energy, Enrique Lusso, the agreement shows Pan American Energy's commitment to the country and its communities. The company will continue to invest and strive to become a strategic player in the energy sector in Brazil, as well as in other Latin American countries.

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After completion of the turbines for the wind farm in Bahia, Vestas will also deliver a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 service agreement. This agreement aims to optimize energy production and, at the same time, generate long-term commercial security.

The Novo Horizonte wind farm, which is located in Bahia, has an installed capacity of 30.06 MW. The project is part of the Statkraft Bahia wind energy complex and includes the Macaúbas and Seabra wind farms, which total approximately 95.19 MW.

Other Vestas contracts in the domestic market

In addition to the recent contract with Pan American, Vestas signed an agreement earlier this year with 2W Energia for the supply of 25 wind turbines and also a 15-year service contract for the Kairos project of 113 MW, located in the municipality of Icapuí, Ceará.

The objective of carrying out the installation of wind turbines is so that energy production is more optimized over the life of the project. After closing this deal, the company surpassed its own milestone of 6 GW of order entry in Brazil for model V150 wind turbines, with power modes of 4.2 MW and 4.5 MW.

According to Ricotta, the company is very happy to have 2W Energia as its client and that the reliability and competitiveness of Vestas' 4 MW platform, combined with the long-term service agreement, makes 2W one of the largest of energy sales. 

About the company

Vestas is a Danish company dedicated to the manufacture, development, maintenance and sale of wind turbines, which was founded in 1945 and initially operated in the field of domestic applications, having progressed to the manufacture of agricultural equipment 5 years later, intercoolers in 1956 and cranes in 1968.

Finally, it was only in 1979 that the company started producing wind turbines. Currently, Vestas is the world's largest company in the manufacture of wind turbines, being listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and providing equipment on six continents. In addition, the company has a portfolio of wind turbines with powers of 850 kW and 7 MW of various SCADA systems for remote control. Its generators work with an asynchronous generator, where the rotor speed is less than the speed of the generator, requiring the use of a gearbox.

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