Vacancies for civil construction in Salvador for bricklayer, construction worker, painter and electrician

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06-12-2019 11:22:24
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Salvador Civil Construction works jobs vacancies

Vacancies for Salvador and the metropolitan region, send your CV urgently until today for civil construction works in the city

If you are a civil construction professional and are available to work in Salvador, a metropolis in the state of Bahia, send your resume urgently for works in the city until this Friday (06). See too: Occupational Safety Technician for projects and large undertakings in the same area.

It is important to point out that the job vacancies for temporary works of 60 days, HR decided to hide the name of the company in order to avoid agglomerations and unnecessary annoyances at the door of the construction company / customer requesting the service. Below, it is possible to carefully evaluate and analyze the requirements, benefits and other inherent attributions related to each requested position:



construction worker

Electrician I

Salary: 1,774.94Salary: 1,774.94Salary: 1,009.52Salary: 1,334.45 + 30%
Schedule: 44h DaytimeSchedule: 44h DaytimeSchedule: 44h DaytimeSchedule: 44h Daytime
Power: R$ 13, 10Power: R$ 13, 10Power: R$ 13, 10Power: R$ 13, 10
Transport: 2x R$ 4.00Transport: 2x R$ 4.00Transport: 2x R$ 4.00Transport: 2x R$ 4.00
Temporary: 60 daysTemporary: 60 daysTemporary: 60 daysTemporary: 60 days

Interested in these job openings in civil construction works in Salvador, you may be forwarding your resumes to the email, stating in the message title the name of the preferred position. NOTE: Although the domain is GMAIL, the contact is real and verified by our team.

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Not only the construction industry lives in the Northeast and especially Salvador, but the oil and gas industry will be very busy in the northeast region with offshore decommissioning of several platforms, generating employment and income in operations. Learn more about this milestone and how to prepare by accessing the article here.

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