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Comperj's UPGN will be on September 25th

Paulo Nogueira
01-09-2017 18:07:10
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Comperj in Itaboraí

Works postponed because Petrobras and the companies in the dispute in the UPGN bids at COMPERJ did not reach an agreement on contract values

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Unfortunately the decision on the works of Comperj was suspended again. Of the 25 companies that submitted proposals, only 4 meet Petrobras' standards, namely: Toyo, Fluor, Cobra and Kervi.(Click here to learn more about these companies). The state has set a base value of 2 billion reais, and that's what's causing this deadlock and delays. It turns out that sector experts and the companies themselves say that these values will not be enough to carry the work through to the end. At this moment, all those responsible involved in this project are in a meeting to resolve this issue once and for all and put an end to this “ordeal”.

intense discussions

At the time this news was released by the mainstream media and on the main social portals, there were many discussions between why the rule Petrobras imposed, is that Brazilian companies were prohibited from participating in public tenders for works. A month later, the current president of the state-owned company, Pedro Parente, swore “standing together” to the mayors that make up the Conleste (city around the refinery) that the works would be carried out one way or another, but because of these insurgencies. in the values of the enterprise, the situation returned to the beginning.

As these companies do not have infrastructure in the national territory, partnerships between Brazilian firms will be inevitable. Remembering that all the companies that drafted their proposals are globally renowned and of good reputation. Specialists and engineers who are directly related to the project say that price adjustments should be made as soon as possible.

Projections of the Work

After resolving this impasse, the works will start in the first quarter of 2018. It is extremely necessary that the construction of this UPGN ends in 2020 so that there is no reduction in the productivity of the pre-salt fields, since this work is necessary for the flow of these active. Source: Petronotícias

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