Harvard University offers more than 3,600 free online courses and distance learning with the quality of face-to-face teaching

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21-04-2022 12:05:34
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Harvard University has thousands of free online and EAD courses on its platform. In total, there are more than 3,600 open courses in the most diverse areas of knowledge.

For those who have always dreamed of studying at Harvard University, but are still unable to move to the U.S, we have prepared this content that can be a unique chance to get a taste of the university that is one of the best and most reputable higher education in the world. THE Harvard University is offering vacancies in 100 different online and distance learning courses with free classes and students will only pay for the issuance of the certificate of completion. As it is a foreign institution, in some of the courses it will be necessary for students to have knowledge of English, as classes will not always be available in Portuguese.

Find out which are the free online and distance learning courses available at Harvard University

In the free online courses, students will have access to fully remote classes and will only be able to acquire knowledge, but if they want a certificate, it will be necessary to pay a fee for issuance after the end of the training.

On the Harvard University website it is possible to find introductory level courses, where candidates must not have prior, intermediate and advanced knowledge, which already require knowledge. We separate some courses offered by the institution, check out:

  • Introduction to CS50 game development;
  • Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology;
  • Handel's Messiah and the Baroque Oratory;
  • Shakespeare's life and work;
  • Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice: Shylock;
  • Resilient leadership;
  • Salary Negotiation;
  • Learning Leaders;
  • The road to happiness: what Chinese philosophy teaches us about the good life.
  • Technological Entrepreneurship: Lab to;
  • Market CS50: Introduction to Computer Science;
  • CS50 for Lawyers;
  • Quantitative Methods for Biology;
  • Using Python for Research;
  • Introduction to CS50 Python programming;
  • Quantitative Methods for Biology;
  • Productivity tools;
  • Innovating in Health.
  • Data Science: Disputes;
  • Data Science: Linear Regression;
  • Data science: machine learning;
  • Introduction to Probability (in edX);
  • Applied Calculus;
  • The Effects of Climate Change on Health;
  • Quantitative Methods for Biology;
  • Human Anatomy: Musculoskeletal Cases;
  • The opioid crisis in America.

Register for free online and distance learning courses at Harvard

It is worth remembering that Harvard University offers another 3,000 courses in addition to these on its platform. Those interested in participating in the institution's free courses should register on the HarvardX platform (EDX) using data such as Full Name, Email, Country, Education Level and Gender.

Once this is done, those interested can choose the course or select the desired course through the list of areas of knowledge. During registration, it is necessary to check the details of the desired course, such as total duration and value of the certificate of completion. In some cases, the certificate costs US$ 199, which is equivalent to R$ 926.05.

Discover Harvard's free online and distance learning course platform

The Harvard University course platform was founded in 2012, when it was realized that each individual has the potential to create change, whether in their community, in life or in the world, and the power of education is what unlocks that potential, however. , access to high quality education has been something for the few.

The platform came to make a change in learning and empowers millions of people by opening the classroom through distance learning, unlocking their potential.

There are about 3600 courses offered and more than 110 million registrations. The platform has more than 160 partners, has 15 thousand instructors and issues more than 1.4 million certificates.

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