Federal University of Amapá (Unifap) opens 300 vacancies in free online courses

Roberta Souza
09-05-2022 17:41:18
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Vacancies are for free online courses in social media, home office and entrepreneur. Registration for courses at the Federal University of Amapá closes on May 10

The Jovem Visionário project, offered by the Federal University of Amapá (Unifap) opened 300 vacancies in free online courses in the areas of entrepreneurship and social network management. The free online courses, which have a workload of 60 hours, seek to train young people and adults for the job market. Registration started on May 2nd and continues until May 10th, online.

The Jovem Visionário is aimed at young people from all over the state and aims to generate innovative and differentiated qualification, aimed both at working in companies and at free access to the job market. There will be two classes of each free online course, with 3 classes per week. The courses at the Federal University of Amapá will begin in October. Participants must have internet access to attend classes.

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according to G1, the free online courses offered by the Federal University of Paraná are:

  • Junior Entrepreneur (100 places): the classes will teach the basics of entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses based on planning;
  • Junior Home Office Assistant (100 vacancies): training in office activities, remotely, and in the use of technological equipment and tools for the service;
  • Social network manager (100 vacancies): classes on how to use management tools and create blogs, social networks and web advertisements.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate issued by the Dean of Extension and Community Actions – PROEAC.


  • 2 to 10/05 – Period for registration and submission of documents
  • 05/16 - Preliminary result
  • 05/18 - Final Result
  • 05/20 – Inaugural class on Youtube

Registration for courses at the Federal University of Amapá

To register for free online courses, the candidate must be at least 16 years old at the time of registration and reside in the state of Amapá. The selection will be made in order of registration until the vacancies are filled, in addition to the excess registration of up to 30% per cent of the number of vacancies offered, as a form of reserve registration.

To fill in the registration form for vacancies in the free online courses in Amapá, click here. After completing and submitting the electronic form, the candidate will receive an application confirmation email.

Also access the Notice by clicking here.

Click Petróleo e Gás is not responsible for filling the vacancies of the free online courses offered by the Federal University of Amapá, only promoting opportunities in various places in Brazil and the world.

Vacancies for a free course on decentralized finance are offered by the Central Bank

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The initiative to distribute free courses on finance was based on a LIFT Learning project (Laboratory of Technological Financial Innovations) of the Central Bank of Brazil, which aims to introduce new students to the free course on finance to the essential tools for the complete understanding of Decentralized Finance, both technically and operationally, as well as contextualizing it internally in the most developed financial and cryptocurrency ecosystems today. To learn more, read this article in full by clicking here.

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