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United States vs North Korea: At this moment maneuvers are taking place and the beginning of the war is latent

Paulo Nogueira
23-04-2017 17:56:45
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United States vs North Korea At this moment, maneuvers are taking place and the beginning of the war is latent

Now there is no turning back, the United States has started tactical maneuvers with Japan now just close to the Korean peninsula and bombing should happen in the next few days.

The United States has just started war maneuvers with Japan today(23) in the Pacific Ocean previously before reaching North Korea, now more than ever, the beginning of the war is latent in the region, the Japanese Ministry of Defense said now. little in an official note to the international press.

After the Japanese destroyers docked on the 21st (Friday) from the southeast of the region to meet with the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, whose name is UUS Carl Vinson, they finally joined the geographic set of archipelagos. of the Philippines today.

As expected, the two nations that were once enemies of the 2nd war, now come together to fight an enemy that infringes on the interests of both sides. Right now they are doing joint warfare and communication exercises before heading north to bomb the dictator Pyongyang.

It's been 2 weeks since Washington ordered its aircraft carriers to head to the North Korean peninsula, in order to warn the dictator's process and development of nuclear weapons, but before heading to the region, the Americans did training. tactics with the Australians as they went to the war site.

South Korea also insists on participating in invasive maneuver exercises against its neighbor along with Japan and its Mimitz-class nuclear ship, one of the world's military giants.

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