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18-04-2022 11:40:08
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Unimed has hundreds of job openings for professionals in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to effective opportunities, the company also has vacancies for Trainees.

One of the largest healthcare companies in Brazil, Unimed, has several jobs for professionals residing in Rio de Janeiro. Opportunities are aimed at different positions within the company's units, where each one requires different professional qualifications, depending on each desired position. There are opportunities for Analysts, Lawyers, Auditors, and many others.

Open jobs at Unimed

Below we separate the opportunities that the company is making available on its job vacancies website, check it out:

Senior Corporate Lawyer

Technically responsible for corporate demands, as well as structured and M&A transactions, including real estate matters, active participation in the creation and review of subscription agreements, partners' agreements, equity purchase and sale agreements, investment agreements, partnerships and documentation related, among others.

Systems Auditor

Responsible for evaluating IT compliance with internal Policies and Regulations, Evaluating the Information Technology and Information Security internal control environment with an approach to risks, internal controls and values, comparing and recommending improvements following the best market practices (COBIT, ISO 27001, ITIL, among others). It prepares the risk and control matrix to identify and classify them, as well as design, formalize and execute the results of the theses to assess the key controls identified.

Systems Analyst

Responsible for the analysis and development of software proposing and designing solutions, preparation of technical documents, evolutionary and corrective maintenance of the company's products. Experience in microservices and/or distributed applications, cloud environment with knowledge and practice with containers and Kubernetes, integration solutions, among others.

Full Support Analyst (Microsoft)

Complete higher education required, technical knowledge and experience in RCA troubleshooting and investigation in Microsoft Operating Systems, Cluster Services: Microsoft, PowerShell Script Development, Virtualization Technologies: vMware vSpher and Citrix. Experience supporting mission-critical environments, among others.

How to apply for Unimed jobs in Rio de Janeiro

Residents of Rio de Janeiro who are interested in applying must access the Unimed job vacancy website and select the desired opportunity. It is worth mentioning that it is essential to carefully read the requirements, assignments and other data made available by the company.

When selecting, it is necessary to fill in some data to form an updated resume and fit for the available opportunities. In addition to effective vacancies, the company also offers trainee opportunities to candidates in Rio de Janeiro, where the requirements are: Complete higher education in areas related to IT, knowledge with N2 in SOC, supporting the process of identifying and correcting vulnerabilities through event correlation tools, among others. It is worth mentioning that the company offers several benefits to those approved in job vacancies such as medical assistance, training program, meal vouchers, life insurance, transportation vouchers, agreement with partner companies, flexible hours, among others.

Get to know Unimed

Unimed is a Cooperative Medical Work system, non-profit and autonomous and currently has more than 360 local units spread throughout Brazil, grouped in 16 states of the federation, 6 Interfederations, bringing together State Federations, 12 Intrafederations, which are Subdivisions of Federations within States.

The Unimed system is a high standard and ethical option, contrary to the commercialization of medicine and the intermediation of medical assistance. Unimed develops a solid and close relationship with its patients, considering that the owner of the Cooperative is the doctor.  

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