UFRRJ offers 380 vacancies in free short-term courses, offered in the form of distance learning (EAD)

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30-04-2022 16:28:29
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UFRJ - free online courses - free courses - EAD - free-short-term courses More than 300 vacancies in free courses at UFRJ – image: UFRJ/Disclosure

UFRRJ is offering 380 vacancies in free, short-term EAD courses in areas such as Health, Social and Human Sciences, which provide certificates to those who reach the average.

THE Extension School of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) announced this Thursday (28) the opening of 380 vacancies in free online courses that will be taught in the distance learning modality (EAD). You free short courses are intended for qualification in the Health Sciences, Human Sciences and Applied Social Sciences sectors. Those interested will have until the 8th of May to apply, through the Integrated Activity Management System (FOLLOW HER).

List of free online and distance learning courses available at UFRRJ

With an average workload of 30 hours, the free short-term distance education courses at UFRRJ provide a certificate of completion to students who have a satisfactory frequency and who carry out all activities correctly. Check out the free online and EAD courses that are available:

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  • Sexualities, education and gender and: the contributions of psychoanalysis to teaching practice;
  • Statistical Analysis Course in R Software;
  • Pharmaceutical Design and Analysis in the Veterinary Field. (PPESCE);
  • Scientific Editors Course;
  • Studies on Maternal Mental Health: integrative and critical analysis (PPESCE);
  • Territory and development: from the solidarity economy to social and public policies (PPESCE);
  • Development of Maps for the Community using Free Geotechnologies;
  • Understanding Intersectionality: An Introduction to Social Markers of Difference (PPESCE);
  • Psychology of Conflict – Political Tribalism (PPESCE).

How to register for free online and distance learning courses at UFRRJ?

Those who wish to enroll in one of the free short-term courses at UFRRJ must access the SIGAA website. To make it easier, choose one of the opportunities above, copy and paste it into the site's search bar or simply select the “Course” option in the “Activity Type” filter.

By selecting the desired training, it will be possible to find various information and also a summary about the course. For registration, it will be necessary to register on the platform using CPF, Full Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Telephone, E-mail, among others. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to these, there are still several free short-term courses such as:

  • 3D modeling with Blender;
  • Cinema-History Cycle (2022-1);
  • LABNUTRI operational training course;
  • Introduction to Geoprocessing in Health;
  • Development of Extension Projects;
  • Summer course;
  • Training course to work in the Institutional Pre-Enem Program at UFRRJ;
  • Emancipatory Dialogical Narrative Analysis: First Steps; Hospital Inclusion and Pedagogy;
  • Beginning of the History of Baixada FluminenseDoing Science in High School/Technical Education;
  • The Baixada Fluminense: a “more-than-human” anthropological perspective;
  • Conflict Psychology – Political Tribalism;
  • Monographs in Debate (2022);
  • Learning to use the Mendeley Reference Organizer;
  • Scientific Editors Course.

Educa Mais Brasil offers scholarship opportunities

The offer of free online courses and distance education for professional training and training is expanding in the country, transforming the economic scenario, especially in times of crisis.

The biggest search is for online training, which provides the chance to obtain a professional qualification in a more economical and flexible teaching modality. In addition to the free online courses at UFRRJ, students and professionals also have the chance to invest in their careers to gain access to courses with a theoretical basis and greater practical preparation.

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