Start Twenty BYD electric buses begin to circulate in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador

Twenty BYD electric buses begin to circulate in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador

May 10, 2022 12:49 pm to 12:49
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BYD - electric buses - Bahia - Salvador
Previously, BYD delivered the first 120 electric buses of a batch of 470 to Bogotá – image: BYD/Disclosure

The Government of Bahia acquired 20 electric buses from BYD to integrate the bus fleet in the metropolitan region of Salvador.

The Metropolitan Region of Salvador will have 20 electric buses in full operation by BYD. The governor of the state, Rui Costa, visited the automaker's factory in Campinas and the estimate is that the vehicles will be circulating in Salvador until the end of June. According to management, partnerships and other investments in renewable energy in the state of Bahia. The Chinese company is a reference in the sector of solar energy, energy storage, electric mobility and is also the second largest producer of electronic equipment in the world.

Bahia invests R$ 44 million in electric buses

According to the state governor Rui Costa, the government visited the BYD factory to monitor the assembly of the 20 electric buses that the state purchased for a pilot project that plans, in the future, to replace the combustion buses that circulate in the Metropolitan Region of Savior.

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Electric buses will arrive next month and will be placed immediately to meet the population's demand. The vehicles will serve two lines, one from Lauro de Freitas to the Airport Terminal, and another from Ilha de São João to Subúrbio Ferroviário. 

The governor emphasizes the possibility of investments in solar power panels and pointed out that the state of Bahia and the northeast region have the largest number of projects in the renewable energy sector, through wind energy parks. Rui adds that the state is looking to install a solar panel production unit in Bahia, in addition to making energy self-sufficiency projects viable for schools, hospitals and also for family farming through the purchase of specific kits for irrigation.

BYD launches new electric bus


In February of this year, BYD announced the production of a new model of electric bus equipped with a technology that returns energy to the electrical grid. The model was named Type A and one of its main differentials is the V2G technology that makes the bus used as a battery when it is not carrying passengers.

The vehicle is mainly focused on routes with students and transport of Disabled people (PwD). The model is equipped with a lithium iron battery that, in addition to being widely used by this category of vehicles, also offers a range of 225 km on just one charge and, in addition, returns energy to the electrical grid with the expectation of being in the school environment. 24 hours a day, both as a vehicle and as a battery.

Governor of Bahia tests new BYD vehicles

According to Marcus Cavalcanti, secretary of infrastructure, the estimate is that the electric buses will be fully operational on the streets of Salvador by the end of next month. Cavalcanti points out that electric buses will feed the integration system with the subway and the Government is betting on a paradigm shift in the Bahian economy and brings mobility to the transport sector that does not generate pollution to the environment.

At the unit visited by the governor, BYD produces vehicle chassis and solar panels. Also during the visit, Rui made test trips in two of the company's new electric vehicles, which were recently launched, the Han sedan and the Tan SUV.

It is worth mentioning that the governor was accompanied by the secretaries of Economic Development, José Nunes, of Infrastructure, Marcus Cavalcanti, Urban Development, Jairo Magalhães, superintendent of investment attraction at SDE, Paulo Guimarães and the chief of staff at Sedur, Ananda Lage.

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