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Capter Construtora, Triton and Celulose Irani opened job vacancies today

Paulo Nogueira
23-02-2018 11:58:34
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job vacancies in Brazil

The vacancies are for the production line, operations and civil construction in updated opportunities and with selection processes in progress.

job vacancies they appear all the time, but they are very few and in areas where we often do not have training, which can give the impression that there are no hires. But those who think this way are wrong. The market is moving, the selection processes are taking place, even if in a very simple way, but happening. This is a reflection of change and if you don't keep up with them, you may fall behind.

Open positions at Capter Construtora, Triton and Celulose Irani

  • triton – Welders from anywhere and from all categories can contact the company directly at (49)3551-2900 and send their resumes directly to dp@tritonmaquinas.com.br.
  • Irani cellulose – Irani is looking for candidates for the vacancies of Machine Operator and Forestry Logistics Assistant, in Vargem Bonita (SC). To learn more about her vacancies and participate in the selection process, visit the link www.vagas.com.br/celluloseirani.
  • Capter Construction – Professionals with at least 10 years of experience are required for civil construction works, they are: Civil Engineers, Masters of Work, Administrative, Safety Technicians and Budgets. Interested send their CVs to rh@capter.com.br.

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