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Not this one! Comperj may have works postponed once again to 2019, Understand!

Paulo Nogueira
23-10-2017 21:06:47
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Comperj Itaboraí

Suspected irregularities in the UPGN bidding within Comperj may leave Itaboraí another year without the works

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The UPGN of Comperj runs a real risk of not leaving in 2018 for reasons of Petrobras' credibility, hitting the economy in a negative way. Itaboraí and the municipalities surrounding the project, which, by the way, has been waiting for the resumption of the works with great hope and anxiety. Next, understand why this can happen if the situation is not reversed now, according to experts:


The Brazilian state-owned company made a bid estimate of 2 billion onwards for the company that won the contract, with a maximum period of 2 years to complete the works, because the flow of pre-salt from the Santos Basin depends on this venture. So far so good, so much so that the company that presented the best proposal was China's Shandong Kerui, surprising even Petrobras. Other companies that participated in the process were automatically disqualified. It turns out that experts ahead of this bidding say these values presented by the Chinese do not clearly match

It turns out that there is a very large difference between the values of supply and provision of services presented by the disqualified companies, exactly 400 million reais "more" in relation to Shandong Kerui. understand? She won the bid for a lower amount, but it pays almost HALF BILLION to provide operational inputs, basically this is exchanging "6 for half a dozen" to try to circumvent the bidding rules in a clear distortion of values.

The bid can be canceled

Based on the distortion of these values, the companies that were disqualified can file an administrative appeal to cancel this bidding process, causing great damage to Petrobras, the residents of Itaboraí, the municipalities that are part of Conlest and the pre-salt flow. , in the Santos Basin. So, is there any irregularity in this process and will there really be another postponement? We hope not, but start preparing now.

When the Comperj works are out we will let you know, so please put your email in the box below at the end of this article++ You may be interested in: List of official positions and vacancies at Comperj published by the Union++

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