Start The Port of Santos has made many vacancies available at all levels of schooling

The Port of Santos has made many vacancies available at all levels of schooling

June 29, 2018 7:32 am to 07:32 am
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Opportunities cover elementary, middle, internship, technical and higher levels in the Port of Santos with e-mail and direct registrations

The Port of Santos opened an overwhelming amount of vacancies yesterday (28) in its port system in Santos-SP. There are many different functions with several benefits, the cool thing is that the opportunities cover several levels of education and the applications are not limited to only people who live in the region. Below is the list of all vacancies, it is extensive, so read carefully and apply only to the opportunities that you fit.

Position: Rubber

Will be responsible for preventive, corrective maintenance and monitoring of the tire life of equipment and facilities. Salary will be R$ 1.8 thousand benefits include Health Plan, Dental Plan, VA, On-site Dining Room, Life Insurance, Private Pension Plan and 30% for Dangerous Work. Requirements: Complete elementary school, at least 1 year of experience in the role and notions of tire repair. Register your CV for free on the website:

Position: Operations Controller

Salary will be R$ 2,296.00, benefits are VA and VT. Requirements: High school diploma, experience in warehouse routines in Port Terminal. Register your CV for free on the website:

Position: Truck Driver

Drive trailers and trucks, driving on the path indicated for cargo transport. The benefits: VA, VR, VT, Health Plan, Dental Plan, Life Insurance, Funeral Assistance. Requirements: incomplete degree, minimum experience of 06 months as a Truck Driver (with registration in portfolio), Dangerous Cargo Transport Course (updated MOPP), CNH-E. Send your CV to the e-mail with the subject Truck Driver.

Position: Equipment maintenance electrician

Responsibilities: Responsible for the operation of electrical systems in fixed and mobile equipment; Perform other activities related to preventive and corrective maintenance of small, medium and large machines and equipment; Survey the material needs for the achievement of the requested services and execute according to schedule; among others. Requirements: Complete High School, Experience with electrical maintenance in port equipment, NR 10. Register at the link

Position: Environmental Technician

Monitor and develop management and control activities related to the environment. Benefits include Health Plan, Dental Plan, VA, VT, On-site Dining Room, Life Insurance, and Pension Plan. Necessary Technical Course in Environment and knowledge in Environmental Legislation. Register your CV for free on the website:

Position: Internship in Electrical Engineering

Monitoring the work schedule; verification of the quality of services provided by third parties; collection and reception of material lists; primary verification of compliance with Occupational Safety standards; pre-study of necessary improvements and modifications. Requirements: Be attending 2nd to 4th year of Electrical Engineering; knowledge comes from Excel. Register your CV on the website:

Position: Intern

Customer service, Documentation printing, Cargo release, delivery of BL's, conference of foreign trade documents. Register CVs on the website

Position: Corporate Risk Analyst

Benefits: Medical and Dental Assistance, On-site Meal, VA, VT, Private Pension Plan, PLR (Profit Sharing) and On-site Gym. Register your CV for free on the website:

Position: Financial Supervisor

Complete higher education in the area, Knowledge of Finance, Treasury and People Management. Send resume to

Position: Logistics Project Analyst

Salary: R$ 8,000.00. Benefits: Medical and Dental Assistance, Onsite Meal, VA, VT, Private Pension Plan, PLR (Profit Sharing) and Onsite Gym. Requirements: MBA/graduate in finance, logistics or project management. Advanced English and Spanish required. Register your CV for free on the website:

Position: Sales Consultant

Requirements: Complete higher education and skills with external sales. How to apply: Send resume to email

Position: Customer Service Analyst (Maritime Agency)

Responsibility: Act as a focal point for key clients and ensure the delivery of services according to the established contract; coordinate customer requests and manage contracts; monitor service at ports in the Americas region; provide guidance to local agents, operations, sales; guide the client on local procedures; ensure that the system and documents are always up to date.

Requirements: Fluent English is essential; complete higher education or studying; previous experience in maritime agency or port routines; previous customer service experience; advanced skills in the office suite. How to apply: Register your CV on the website .

Position: Junior Commercial Analyst

Requirements: Bachelor's degree (Business Administration, Foreign Trade, International Relations, among others); Experience in the commercial area of the follow-up of Foreign Trade, Logistics; Advanced Excel; Resourcefulness with Power Point; Ability to work with numerical information, as well as prepare reports for the board and deal with statistical and comparative data. register in

Position: PL Ship Operator

Responsibilities: Provide assistance to Agency ships in the port in order to meet the needs of our Customers and provide the necessary releases before the Port Authorities for berthing, operation and departure of ships. Requirements: Complete Superior Adm. of Companies, Foreign Trade. Knowledge of Office Package; Fluent English. Register your CV at

Position: Occupational Physician

Responsibility: Develop the Occupational Health Medical Control Program – PCMSO, meeting all legal requirements; execute the PCMSO, meeting all legal requirements and ensuring that all employees are periodically monitored by the occupational health area; perform exams for admission, return to work, periodicals, change of function and dismissal of employees, through medical consultation and care, raising diagnostic hypotheses, requesting simple or complementary exams.

Requirements: Training in Medicine (having active CRM) and Specialization in Occupational Medicine (certification required); computer skills (intermediate Office package); experience in designing and executing PCMSO; experience in executing, together with professionals from other areas, occupational health programs; experience in preparing medical reports and performance indicators inherent to occupational health. Register your CV at

Position: Relationship Assistant

Customer/public service providing clarification and guidance. Distribution of incoming emails. Telephone service. Preparation and control of reports and other activities related to the position. Experience with customer service. Register your CV at

Position: Various vacancies for people with disabilities

How to apply: Send your CV to the e-mail with PCD subject.

Position: Benefits Assistant

Responsibilities: Service at the counter at the units. Benefits processes (VA requests, basket, among others). Administration of the Uniodonto benefit. VT benefit administration. Support in medical care routines. Service to employees, suppliers. Support in labor hearings.

Requirements: High school diploma. Knowledge of routines of personnel administration and benefits. Intermediate/advanced knowledge of Office package (Excel preferred). Register your CV at

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