Start Porto do Açu signed a contract with Gas Natural Açu yesterday

Porto do Açu signed a contract with Gas Natural Açu yesterday

May 4, 2018 8:45 am to 08:45
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Siemens BP Prumo Logística porto do açu works

Siemens, BP and Prumo Logística invest 7 billion in Porto do Açú and are now official partners in thermoelectric plants and gas terminals

O Port of Açu yesterday (03) signed a contract with GNA (Gás Natural Açu), which has Siemens, BP and Prumo Logística as partners. The deal consists of an area lease agreement for the construction of thermoelectric plants and an LNG regasification terminal. GNA will invest more than R$ 7 billion in the development of the two thermoelectric plants and the regasification terminal (LNG).

“This partnership reinforces that Açu is a rapidly growing O&G hub, and the port is increasingly strengthening its leading position for the entire industry,” said José Magela, CEO of Porto do Açu. “This unprecedented project will develop the largest thermoelectric park in Latin America in Porto do Açu, generating 3GW of energy. It reaffirms Porto do Açu's outstanding position and strong long-term commitment”, commented Bernardo Perseke, CEO of GNA.

Works in Thermoelectric

At this moment, Andrade Gutierrez is in charge of the works, apart from preparing the land and the construction site, which will then allow the construction of the actual thermoelectric plant inside the Port of Açú. More than 50% of the workers who are working there are from outside the region, because the company preferred to take advantage of the workforce from other projects in Brazil in the completion phase, but when the term begins to be built, the hiring will be from citizens of São João da Barra and other nearby cities. Interested, register your resume at the address

In the special article we did when Andrade Gutierrez announced the works in Porto do Açú, a group of people who were in front made some comments and some even managed to get in. If you want to see some of these people, enter the article where they comment here, this will serve as proof that the works are really happening and validate the publications of our portal. Good luck to everyone.

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