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Porto is almost ours: Mayor of Macaé officially signed the APA law, now only the zoning law is missing

Paulo Nogueira
08-05-2017 20:57:19
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Porto is our Mayor of Macaé officially signed a law that releases activities in Barreto

After this first stage in Macaé, now all that is missing is the urban zoning law for the start of activities in Porto

“The port is ours!” This is the phrase that Macaé and neighboring cities were waiting to release from the throat. The current mayor Dr, Aluízio Junior finally understood society's clamor for an immediate response regarding the liberation or not of Porto do Barreto.

The mayor approved the law that extinguished once and for all the environmental problem that made the project of this work impossible. Less than 2 months before the Brasil Offshore 2017 fair, this news made oil and gas operators go crazy!

Now we only depend on one more final signature: The Urban Zoning Act.

O Click Oil and Gas will explain in an exemplified way why this port takes so long to get off the ground and what prevents Aluízio from signing this deliberation.

I don't know if you know or have heard of the Santana archipelago, which is nothing more than that set of islands that we observe very well when we are at Praia dos Cavaleiros, at Praia da Barra, and the entire maritime coast in the extension of Macaé. It turns out that this set of islands is of environmental preservation in an extension within a radius of 15 km, the Porto do Barreto project was within that radius, making the venture unfeasible until days ago!

Now that's in the past. With official deliberation, a part of the area of this archipelago can now be used for traffic and anchoring of vessels, offshore activities and preventive non-pollution systems in the environmental area.

Now what is missing is the deliberation of the urban zoning law, which transforms the residential area of Barreto into an industrial zone. The Macaense population lives the expectation that the mayor will be sensible and will sign this law once and for all.


Porto do Barreto – Companies that carried out the Work

With the Brasil Offshore fair already in the “face of the goal”, this is the chance to reestablish Macaé as one of the giants among the giants in the oil and gas industry in the country.

This landmark signals a new era in the city's history, after all, our little princess of the atlantic has already enriched many people in the city, other municipalities, states and even abroad. Now it's our turn to give back.

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