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Petrobras delivers a coup de grace to the naval sector in Pernambuco after it bought ships and rigs from abroad

Paulo Nogueira
19-06-2017 20:58:37
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Petrobras delivers a coup de grace to the naval sector in Pernambuco after it bought ships and rigs from abroad

With no appointments after Petrobras decided to buy offshore units abroad, Atlântico Sul (EAS) and Vard Promar shipyards are breathing apparatus and counting down

after the Petrobras made some changes to the Local Content issue, the status of Pernambuco he felt the hard blow on his skin. If you don't know what it is local content, go here. As the state-owned company decided to obtain oil platforms and ships from shipyards in other countries, because it is cheaper than if they were produced in Brazil, the shipyards were left without services in their work portfolios at Suape. This is because many years of attempts have passed and the hope was precisely that Petrobras would go back to producing with them, but that was not what happened.

In an interview with Valor Econômico newspaper, the president of Estaleiro Atlântico Sul revealed that the shipyard may stop operating in 2019. This is because 13 ships to Staco that were planned, enabling operational activities until 2022, were cancelled. To complete, Traspetro broke with more than half of the enterprise because Petrobras did not sanction the planned deals.

It turns out that in the past, the local content law guaranteed 75% of national activities, when it came to ships and FPSO's, but with BR's flexibility and autonomy in choosing any companies according to its will, this is heartbreaking. The EAS manager said what will happen to them, they are liable to happen with any shipyard in the country if the Merchant Marine Fund and BNDES do not provide credits to continue carrying out the activities.

In good standing, Atlântico Sul shipyard is able to employ 3,800 directly, of which 700 would be from outsourced companies. Vard Promar would easily employ 1600 direct and 1500 indirect employees, according to Sindmetal-PE's calculation.

At the moment, there are only 9 ships in the completion phase, adding up to the 3 shipyards. If there are no new contracts by 2019, the doors will be closed. The debts of EAS with BNDES reach the incredible sum of 1.3 billion reais and with private banks, this debt reaches 350 million. The two shipyards will be subject to judicial recovery.

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