Start The oil sector in Brazil is featured in The New York Times

The oil sector in Brazil is featured in The New York Times

April 2, 2018 6:58 pm to 18:58
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The oil sector in Brazil is featured in The New York Times

The eyes of the world turn to the great Brazilian oil industry that ends up gaining prominence and international interest after the success of the last auctions

the branch of Petroleum in Brazil it has always been highly sought after by many global companies in this modality but due to Petrobras' monopoly in exploring any or all assets it wanted, many of these operators remained silent for a long time. Well, this reality has passed and the Brazilian fossil fuel market is more open than ever, so much so that the 15th of the oil auctions was featured in the main communication vehicles in Brazil and the world.

The repercussion was such that one of the most respected media outlets in the world, the The New York Times, released a special article dedicated to this event, as multinationals have now entered the country with force. TNYT emphasizes that Brazil will likely have robust investments and the eyes of the offshore world are on this sector, after the regulations to carry out activities here are easier now.

the president of Exxon Mobil Brazil, Carla Lacerda gave an interview to the newspaper and emphasizes that they want to increase the work portfolio in the country in unprecedented proportions. Unfortunately, Petrobras no longer has the financial strength and expertise needed to explore all the oil potential in our seas. In addition to Exxon, other monsters such as Statoil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Wintershall are very excited about their acquisitions in these auctions. SEE THE FULL ARTICLE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES CLICKING HERE.

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