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The offshore branch in Macaé is going to rock: Listen to some old audios

Paulo Nogueira
19-03-2018 08:20:12
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The offshore branch in Macaé will rock: Listen to the audios

Suddenly we started to receive a series of old audios from offshore pawn radio about latent hires, check everything out and buckle up

O offshore segment in Macaé has always been the city's flagship in terms of revenue and reference in this market, but after the outbursts of Lava-Jato, which has been investigating corruption schemes at Petrobras, the blow was hard on the city and it was practically done. With the current situation being amortized, new successful oil auctions, the revitalization of mature fields in the Campos Basin and a series of other positive expectations, the city's tradition in this type of service weighs in Brazil and even abroad when the word “Macaé echoes” through the quadrants.

As you know, "the voice of the people is the voice of God", sometimes we see a lot of speculation about a certain subject, this and that will happen... But when we start to receive the same report from several different sources, it is a sign of that the “machine has started to spin” and is also getting hot. Just below, you can check out audios of the reports and selection processes that will already take place, but only now it was revealed on social networks.

In fact, Macaé is lucky to have all the technological and logistical infrastructure “still” in the city, but other cities have also realized the potential of this market and have started to invest heavily in their cities, such as city of São João da Barra, with its Super Porto do Açú; Maricá, which also started building its port to support pre-salt activities and the approval ofConstruction of the Presidente Kennedy Port Terminal, in Espirito Santo.

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