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Exxon Mobil monster starts in 2018; Drilling, seismic and back exploration operations

Paulo Nogueira
13-11-2017 10:22:56
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Exxon Mobil Hiring Today

After having won 14 exploration blocks in our country in the last auctions, Exxon can take Brazilian oil to another level.

THE Exxon Mobile has already had some small operating stakes in Brazil in a very simple way, with only two concession areas in the Northeast, but he finally decided to increase his portfolio of activities in the country and decided to try his luck in the oil auctions that have been happening here in recent months . She has mainly focused on the potential discoveries that the pre-salt layer can provide the company.

First understand the numbers

To be part of the asset in Carcará (block BM-S-8), which is in the pre-salt layer in the Santos Basin, the company had to release around US$ 1.8 billion. This amount includes an order for Statoil of US$ 1.4 billion, which, incidentally, holds 40% of the concession, the remainder of the US$ 366 million goes from signing bonuses on the North side of this asset that has not yet been explored. R$ 1.9 billion will be disbursed for another 10 exploratory blocks acquired in September in the 14th round of auctions promoted by the ANP.

According to Exxon's estimates, the caracara area will contain around 2 billion barrels of oil of excellent quality. Jeffrey Woodbury, who is the company's chief executive of multinational relationships, is very optimistic about his recent purchase, saying he has had his eye on the Santos Basin for quite some time.

2018 begins Exxon activities – Exxon now has half of the ultra-deepwater exploration partnership with Petrobras, that is, the two hold 50% in six concessions now in the Campos Basin for newly discovered pre-salt exploration. Exxon informs that activities will begin in 2018. They are already seeing where their strategic base will be, two strong candidates are Macaé and/or São João da Barra, in Açu, followed by seismic operations in the areas acquired in order to start drilling operations in 2019. So get ready because there will be a lot of job openings. [supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]

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