The future of logistics: Autonomous trucks can take on up to 90% of long-distance travel

Fábio Lucas
23-04-2022 13:42:57
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The logistics sector will be completely changed with the entry of autonomous trucks on the market. Is this trend here to stay?

With the digitization of processes and other major technology changes, the logistics industry is undergoing profound transformations around the world. For example, in the short term, autonomous trucks should gain more space in highways, taking the place of truck drivers.

A recent University of Michigan study showed that self-driving trucks can snap up about 90% of Marketplace of long-distance transport. Believing it to be a less complicated challenge, driving engineers point out that autonomous trucks should be focused on long-distance journeys.

Short journeys by autonomous trucks are much more complex  

As long-distance journeys don't have many curves or extra complexities, experts point out that it's much easier to design an autonomous truck for this purpose. On the other hand, short trips in cities are another story, as there are thousands of curves, pedestrians and parked cars for the autonomous system to handle. 

Video about innovations and tests of these technologies in Brazil

No Driver! Meet the autonomous truck designed in Brazil, at USP – Via Olhar Digital

To accelerate the use of autonomous trucks, one of the solutions would be the assembly of stations between the stages. Drivers could handle the first step, which is much more complex. Long and time-consuming trips can be made by artificial intelligence.  

"When we talked to truck drivers, literally everyone said, 'Yes, this part of the job can be automated,'' said Aniruddh Mohan, who did a study on the topic at the University of Michigan in USA

The study highlights that if autonomous trucks overcome these initial barriers, they could replace up to 90% of human driving in the long-distance transport market.  

Autonomous truck systems still need to evolve a lot. One of the highlights is the ability of trucks to deal with a lot of rain, storms, potholes in the road and accidents. Another point is getting the authorities to authorize driverless trucks on the roads. For this to happen, the security mechanisms must be at a very high level.  

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