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The construction of the Porto de Sergipe Thermoelectric Power Plant at full steam

Paulo Nogueira
18-07-2018 21:23:09
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Understand how the largest thermoelectric plant in Latin America, Porto de Sergipe I, will contribute to the safety of energy transmission and reduction of blackouts in Brazil

The construction of the new power plant Thermoelectric Port of Sergipe I, from the company Centrais Elétricas de Sergipe SA (CELSE), is in full swing and now it's time to talk more about project details that are essential for the plant's full potential to be connected to the grid. After the arrival of the most efficient gas turbines in the world, high voltage equipment is being installed in the plant's substation. They are the ones who will do the invisible work of electrical protection and the transmission of energy at 500kV to the Basic Grid of the national electrical system.

Grid Solutions, GE's transmission and distribution division, has one of its biggest contracts at the Porto de Sergipe plant. Responsible for the design, supply and installation of all high voltage equipment, it will also build a transmission line and two substations for the transformation, measurement, protection and switching of the electricity produced by the plant.

The newly arrived high-voltage equipment, all manufactured in Brazil, will increase the voltage of the electricity produced by the plant, in addition to potentially ensuring the safe transmission of energy.

Installation of the Electrical Network


the power plant Port of Sergipe could quadruple Sergipe's energy production, making it the second largest state in terms of generation in the Northeast. The energy produced by the plant at a medium voltage of 25kV is transformed by the step-up transformers supplied by GE into a high voltage of 500kV, allowing it to be transported safely to the point of connection to the national grid.

The transmission line, which is still under construction, will have a double circuit, to offer more operational security for energy transmission, which can significantly reduce the risks of blackouts. There will be 35 km of transmission line to a new connection bay, composed of protection equipment, interconnecting the plant with the Basic Network.

Also in July, four new members will arrive to complete Sergipe's high voltage equipment team: the power-up transformers, called “Step-up transformers”. We will continue to tell you more about the Sergipe project! For these stories, turn on notifications and stay tuned on our social media. Source GE

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