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Did Comperj fall? TCU discovered yesterday that companies were overpricing works at the refinery

Paulo Nogueira
06-04-2017 14:35:20
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Comperj fell TCU discovered yesterday that companies were overpricing works at the refinery Comperj fell TCU discovered yesterday that companies were overpricing works at the refinery

Companies operating at the Comperj construction site discovered in cartel overpricing of products and services.

The TCU has just discovered misconduct this Wednesday (5th) of companies directly linked to Comperj, which belongs to Petrobras and which overpriced the works in the order of R$ 544 million dilmas (reais). The Court of Auditors ended up expressly determining the blocking of assets of the corporations involved in the money diversion scheme. Do you want to know which hotties are involved? Pay attention to the following list, the worst thing is that there is nothing new, almost all of them are the same companies mentioned almost all the time in the media:

The List contains Queriroz GalvãoEngenharia/SA, Technit Engenharia, Construção SA, Alusa, Engenharia, Skanska Brasil LTDA., Promon Engenharia LTDA., Engevix Engenharia SA and Promon. The only one mentioned by the TCU and whose assets were not blocked was Andrade Gutierrez. As she had previously made a plea bargaining agreement on account of Lava Jato operations and had collaborated with the Federal Police, there was no need for blockades at this time.

Asked by the media, QG declined to comment because the investigations are still evolving. Promon to Alusa also did not return the contacts made by the G1 until the date this text was written.

The purpose of blocking the assets of the companies mentioned above is to return all the damage to Petrobras, if the corruption investigations prove to be true. Despite this, the TCU gave the companies 15 days to present their defenses, under penalty of having their possessions inactive if this does not occur.

The inspection bodies that analyzed the contracts for the installed atmospheric distillation, vacuum, hydrocracking and coking units at Comperj, concluded that the diversion scheme was in these plants within the work.

Bearing in mind that this amount of R$544 million reais was from 2010, potentially this amount could be much higher, since in 2015 another audit was carried out.

Good my dear readers and followers of Click Oil and Gasthe Comperj works, seen as the resumption of hope, is much awaited by the citizens of Rio, we hope that these blockages do not directly affect professionals in the sector who have longed for the start of the enterprise for a long time.

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