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The largest offshore fair in the world in Houston points Petrobras as the best in the world in its segment

Paulo Nogueira
02-05-2017 22:36:35
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The largest offshore fair in the world in Houston points Petrobras as the best in the world in its segment

Petrobras has just consolidated itself as the largest deepwater oil explorer in the world at an offshore fair in the US.

Petrobras is taking part at this moment in the biggest fair of planet oil and gas, the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. The event started on the 1st of May and will end on the 4th. This event has as main focus the exploratory activities, production in deep and super deep waters. On the second day of the event, Petrobras presented its technological portfolio and a pioneer in increasing activities in the Libra asset, exploring the pre-salt layer in the Santos Basin. The intention is to show that collaboration between different operators generates a reduction in operating costs with extreme effectiveness. (Something that causes a certain strangeness, because if BR itself says that other companies operating in the oil fields help the economy, why are unionists, socialists and society in general against opening our market?)

Also on that same day, Pedro Parente presided over the lecture “Opportunities for Petrobras in a new oil and gas scenario”, emphasizing that the state-owned company is recovering from the progressive financially after applying its 2017-2021 business management system. Parente will address all matters related to safety calculations, his partnership project with other major operators and his plans to place Petrobras as one of the largest global companies in the oil and gas field. of Exploration and Production at Petrobras, will point out how important partnerships are with multinationals, service providers, attracting a young and direct workforce from technical courses and academic institutions and developments of new offshore technologies. She also wants to show that Brazil still has many business opportunities and that we have the potential to get out of this crisis if there is political and economic will.

Let's face it, Petrobras has always been a pioneer in the development of technologies in deep waters, but it admits that partnerships with other operators are important for the development of Brazil, so what's missing? Think about it and leave your comment below, your opinion is important.

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