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The 3rd offshore this week opens vacancies in Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
27-04-2018 08:05:55
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Man jumpsuit oil platform macaé offshore

Another wave of opportunities in the offshore oil and gas area announced in less than 24 hours. It's the 3rd of the week that hiring opens

O offshore sector in this last week of April it just boils, mainly in Macaé, National Capital of Petroleum that is managing to find the strength to rebuild itself after the worst economic recession in its history and pointed out by large national and international companies to perpetuate the activities offshore logistics in the Campos Basin, this is indisputable and was the subject of the country's major communication vehicles. Some of these reports you can check out on our youtube channel here.

Another company very active in the oil and gas market, specialist in maintenance, opened another wave of opportunities in less than 24 hours (as of the date of this publication). Last Wednesday (25), Imetame announced a large offshore selection process in many functions and the other day, Thursday(26), another sequence of vacancies headed by Alphatec Engenharia was announced.(Click on the colors to access the materials and view the vacancies), now it's Elfe Engenharia's turn, check them out:

  • CRANE MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN – Technical Training in Mechanics or Electromechanics, Registration at CREA. Experience working in crane mechanical maintenance, proven in CTPS. A statement from the employer attesting to experience in mechanical maintenance on cranes is required.
  • MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN II – LATHE – Technical Training in Mechanics, Registration at CREA. Proven experience in CTPS working in mechanical maintenance activity in industrial area and lathe.
  • TIG/ER WELDER – Completed Elementary School. Proven experience in CTPS in the role of Welder, with TIG/ER processes.
  • Training Analyst - EDUCATION: Complete degree in Administration, HR Management or similar areas Good didactics and training methodology, good interpersonal skills, leadership skills, flexibility, communication, analytical skills, focus on results and systemic vision

All vacancies above are available for PCD and rehabilitated. Interested applicants should send their CV to recruitment01@elfe.com.br, mentioning the name of the vacancy of interest in the subject. (Access the source here) If you want to attach your certificates and courses so that the company's Human Resources can take a closer look at your qualifications, please do so using GoogleDrive or OneDrive, just make a free account on them and upload, then generate a DIRECT LINK TO THEM. This prevents the Alphatec e-mail from being overloaded and your message coming back with an error, on youtube you will easily find tutorials for this.

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