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TechnipFMC opened a new season of vacancies in Rio, Macaé, Vitória and outside Brazil

Paulo Nogueira
16-11-2017 06:34:04
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Vacancies are for direct application at TechnipFMC for interns, medium, technical and higher in various roles

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]TechnipFMC is a global leader in subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects. With proprietary technologies and production systems, integrated experience and comprehensive solutions, Ela transforms the profitability of its customers' projects.
It is uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to delivery and beyond. Through innovative and efficient technologies, offering new possibilities to its customers in the development of their oil and gas resources.
Its 44,000 employees are driven by a strong commitment to its customers and guided by a culture of innovation, defying industry conventions and rethinking how to achieve the best results.

Open Jobs at Techinip

In the company's hiring table today (11/16/2017), there are vacancies for materials technician, interns, engineers of any training, machine drivers, forklift operators and another range of opportunities to work in Brazil. But she is also hiring in various other roles abroad, as long as you have at least intermediate English and a passport to move freely around the world.

how to apply

First of all, understand that the application process is done by registration, so don't do it by cell phone/smartphone. Log out and access a desktop or notebook computer, this will ensure that TechnipFMC will receive your data in the database and there will be no validation errors. The second step is CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COMPANY REGISTRATION WEBSITE. If you want to choose vacancies in Brazil, go to the “Country” option, otherwise, leave it the way it is and apply for the opportunities that suit you.

See Marco's example below. He got his international offshore jobs following our guidelines

I always like to point out the Importance of English for Working in Multinationals like this. At least partial mastery of this language is essential for success in the Brazilian oil and gas sector and in the world. See Marcão as an example below, he and a lot of other people always do what we ask in the posts, read our articles carefully, send resumes and register correctly. They got their seat at Seadrill and are in Europe getting ready to pick up a drillship.

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