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TechnipFMC in Porto do Açú: Merger that promises to open many offshore jobs

Paulo Nogueira
03-05-2017 10:13:42
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TechnipFMC at Porto do Açú Fusion that promises to open many offshore vacancies

now called TechnipFMC, Porto do Açú in São João da Barra welcomes this merger and prepares for a new era in the oil and gas sector.

TechnipFMC welcomed by the municipality of São João da Barra, which, unlike other cities, realized the revolutionary economic potential that the oil and gas industry could provide the city, tried to take the necessary measures in the long term and immediately tried to welcome facilitated this great company.

In the search for this large share of the market, Porto do Açú was planned and built with a very simple objective: to destroy the competition and consolidate itself as one of the largest ports for logistics and offshore activities in Brazil and to be among the 5 largest in the world, leaving your neighbor Macaé backwards.

Naturally, this attracted the attention of many companies, such as FMC and Technip. These two have now become a single company called TechnipFMC, with the aim of opening up its portfolio of operations and making the costs of activities in the oil and gas sector more competitive.

Unfortunately Macaé is being stripped of its status as an offshore power because the operating costs of a port that holds only 6 vessels at a time are much higher than Porto do Açú, which reaches the incredible mark of 47.

TechnipFMC realized this and came to the conclusion that the time to invest and create jobs is now, just waiting for a political and economic signal to invest and start hiring.

As this company operates in all segments of the oil and gas sector, it has prepared an official database for Brazilian professionals, whether with professional training, technicians, engineers, administrative staff, etc., to apply for the opportunities that are to come in shortly.

To apply for future hires that are to come at TechnipFMC in several bases in Brazil, especially in Porto do Açú in São João da Barra,  click here to apply 

Another interesting article is about the command of the English language that these companies require. You can read about it by going to the article english is no more a differential: It is now a must in the oil sector.

Also join the group São João da Barra, Porto do Açú, economy and jobs.

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