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Technicians and engineers are summoned for selection processes today

Paulo Nogueira
15-03-2017 05:23:32
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Technicians and engineers are summoned for selection processes today

Company demands emergency technicians and engineers to supply activities in the sector and complete its staff.

Technicians and engineers are summoned, although the oil and gas industry is at a super slow pace, opportunities still appear for activities in the oil sector, as well as the MODEC, which has been in its selection process since March 11Follow the list of open opportunities for March 15, 2017 below and remembering that you can find our Fanpage and stay on top of news and news in the sector.


Smart Delivery has open vacancies for truck and trailer mechanics with proven knowledge in a work permit in the role, resident of Macaé and full availability for possibly atypical hours. The tasks consist of making repairs, changing the oil, cleaning, maintenance, assembling/disassembling engines and other routine activities in the Mechanic occupation. Please send your CV to vacancies@smarthdelivery.com.br.


Dril-Quip has open positions for highly skilled welders, so only send resumes if you strictly fit the following assignments.

This professional must know how to work with Submerged Arc Cladding in the category of TIG tubular wire, must have previous experience in companies in the oil sector and have technical training. Send your resume directly to the company's HR at hr_services@drilquip.com.

Mechanical and Safety Engineers

Candidates must have a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Occupational Safety, with at least two years in coordination activities in the quality sector and planning systems in the mechanical sector. Interested, please send resume to confidential.vagas2016@yahoo.com.br.

Building maintenance and security monitor

The second largest privately held fuel distribution network in the country, the company Ipiranga has its staff open to monitor building maintenance and security. Its function encompasses guaranteeing resources, managing all and controlling access, maintaining the proper functioning of the enterprise and conserving the building complexes. Must have a degree in Electrical, Mechanical or Civil Engineering, desirable that they have at least the English language intermediary.

Interested can be applying here at the link Vagas.com.br/vagas/v1441460/supervisor-de-manutencao-predial-e-seguranca-rj

Engineers trained in Naval Structure or Mechanics

The work will be for 90-day activities in a large company in the field. Candidates must live in Rio das Ostras or Macaé, know how to install hydraulic and mechanical offshore systems, higher education, know how to work with computer analysis, structure calculation, symbology and specialization with 2d, 3d, solid and Office programs.

To access this vacancy, go to the address Vagas.com.br/vagas/v1485399/engenheiro-de-projeto-estrutural-vaga-temporaria

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