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Mechanical technician

Paulo Nogueira
21-05-2017 22:26:39
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Mechanical Technician Good choice for those who want a quick entry into the job market

The Mechanical Technician is highly valued in the oil and automotive industry due to its versatility.

O Mechanical technician has the function of planning and repairing a wide variety of equipment such as pumps, engines, turbines, etc. Next, check out the main tasks that a professional in this area must perform in a work environment.

  • Perform maintenance and testing activities
  • Find faults in plant systems and repair equipment. If necessary, there will also be a need to exchange.
  • Participate in risk assessments and issue a Work Permit (PT), if the nature of the work demands it.
  • Interpret technical drawings or diagrams
  • Prepare reports after work is finished

In the oil and gas industry, the Mechanical Technician is vital for the safety and effective delivery of offshore/onshore oil production and processing, ensuring the smooth running of the work plant and the required standards.

The basic requirements to enter this market are as follows:

  • Technical training on the job at a recognized institution. In Brazil, the educational agency that has this function of enabling these institutions is the MEC.
  • Be qualified by CREA (Regional Council of Engineering and Agriculture) or equivalent entity in your region
  • Possess professional courses such as Autocad, which allows you to work with technical drawings and interpret them. I advise you to take this course at 24 hour website accessing here.
  • In offshore work, it is necessary to have the mandatory safety courses of Salvatagem (Basic Survival Course on Platform) and Huet (Submerged Aircraft Escape). It used to be common for companies to pay for these courses, but nowadays the professional must pay for himself.
  • If you want to be more attractive to employers, we advise you to speak good English, as most companies operating in this sector are multinationals. You might be doing a good one and cheap clicking here

Watch the video below showing a little of the profession in practice

The average salary of Mechanical Technician, you can check the table below:

Mechanical Technician average salary
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Paulo Nogueira
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