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June 2, 2017 2:28 pm to 2:28 pm
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Electronics Technician successful career guaranteed

No matter which segment, the Electronics Technician is required at all industrial stages

O electronics technician helps to develop, design, test, install and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as communications equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigation and computers. They can also be employed to test and evaluate products, use diagnostic equipment and make adjustments. Often, this professional also works as a technical salesperson, representing equipment for industry as a wholesaler, supporting the use, installation and how to operate complex devices, teaching them how to use them and interpreting manuals.

Where there is technology, there will always be an engineer or electronics technician behind it. After all, if you are reading this article from a computer or a cell phone, it is thanks to these professionals that this is possible.

Electronics technicians can develop activities in various segments of the industry such as:

  • Petroleum
  • Industrial
  • Naval
  • Commercial
  • spatial

Walking around, what else are stores of this segment everywhere, many times these professionals are entirely practical, learning by looking, without taking any kind of course. But nowadays, things are not like that. If you want to be successful in this career, it is necessary to study and have some basic qualifications to practice this profession. Here are some of them:

  • Technical Course in Electronics or Engineering at an institution recognized by the MEC
  • Practical course on reading and interpreting diagrams
  • English to read the manufacturers manual

If you want to go even deeper and focus on the oil and gas or naval industry, which is one of the best paying sectors, take the following courses:

  • Salvatagem – Which is a safety course aimed at offshore units
  • Huet – Often, to reach a unit at sea, you must go by helicopter. This course is in case you have to make an emergency landing.
  • Spoken and written English course

How much does an Electronics Technician make?

According to the last sense of position and salary of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA), the positions and salaries can be found in the table below:

Average electronic technician salary

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