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Electrical technician

Paulo Nogueira
14-03-2017 19:13:07
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Electrical Technician - Click Petroleo e Gas Electrical Technician – Click Petroleo e Gas

Essential in all sectors, the Electrical Technician is a great option for those who want a stable and well-paid career

Electrical or Electrotechnical Technician is the professional qualified to perform maintenance activities of electrical or electronic parts and equipment, regardless of which segment of the job market he operates, such as oil companies, industrial companies or simply providers of specialized services.

If you want to be an Electrical Technician, keep in mind that you must be judicious, work with perseverance and in such a way that there are no errors in your activities, as all electrical and electronic equipment in your work environment will be under your responsibility.

Note that when we talk about a professional Electrical Technician, we are actually talking about an extremely specialized person. The worker in this area is actually a sub-niche of Electrical Engineering, which aims to study a range of electrical circuits and equipment, dealing with their generation, transmission, distribution and storage. The main types of companies that work in this type of professional segment are wind, solar, thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants, with a main scope in the production and generation of energy. No matter which company you work for, this expert in the electrical arts is needed in all walks of civilized life in the modern world.

Companies that hire Electrical Technician

The Electrical or Electrotechnical Technician can develop activities in metallurgy, construction/civil works, in the telecommunications, oil and gas sector and many others.

In Brazil, the main schools or federal institutions that teach courses in this field are the schools of IFF (Instituto Federal Fluminense), SENAI (National Service for Industrial Learning), FAATESP and many other private institutions authorized by the MEC to provide courses in this sector.

The average salary of an Electrical Technician, you can check the table below:

Average salary in electrical engineering

To work in the oil and gas industry, especially in the offshore segment, the ideal thing is that the professional in this field has a Technician in Electrotechnics or Electrical Engineering, has good English, because most companies in this field are multinationals. The article I speak of importance of english in the offshore world could be very interesting for you. In addition, there are training courses that companies ask for, such as NR-10, NR-33, NR-35 and IRATA for this specific professional.

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