Aiming at opening up the natural gas market, the government shows support for the CNPE resolution

Roberta Souza
05-05-2022 08:10:25
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With the decision, the government aims to improve energy policies and carry out the development of the Novo Mercado do Gás program.

A resolution by the CNPE (National Energy Policy Council), containing pipelines for opening up the natural gas market, was approved by the Federal Government. The government's intention with the measure is to improve energy policies, in order to enable free competition, and also to carry out actions for the market transition period, fostered by the development of the Novo Mercado de Gás project.

In this context, the Novo Mercado de Gás consists of a Federal Government program coordinated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, which aims to develop a more open, dynamic and competitive natural gas market, in addition to providing conditions to reduce its price and, in this way, assist in Brazil's economic growth.

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The resolution in question was published in this Tuesday's edition (03) of the Official Diary of the Union (DOU) and is signed by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque.

The General Secretariat of the presidency also linked the measures to the actions of the CMGN

As stated by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, the measures come from the work of the CMGN (Committee for Monitoring the Opening of the Natural Gas Market) – government agency responsible for assisting and monitoring the project.

The secretariat also stated that improvements regarding the market transition period were proposed, such as new conducts and deliberations related to transparency and organization among industry agents for the establishment of the market model provided for in the law.

In addition, this government institution also highlighted that actions are proposed to develop the new natural gas market, mainly in view of the adequacy of the procedures and standards followed by the agents of the gas industry considering the new regulatory scenario, in order to guide this sector of favorable to national economic growth.

Some of the pipelines listed in the CNPE resolution include the integration between the natural gas and electricity and stimulating competition

Thus, the guidelines present in the resolution approved by the government for the development of the new natural gas market contain:

  • exclusion of economic and regulatory barriers imposed on natural gas exploration and production activities;
  • encouraging the development of secondary and short-term, molecule and capacity markets;
  • promotion of auctions of exploratory blocks on a regular basis;
  • implementation of measures to encourage competition, which reduce market concentration and also enable competition in the supply of natural gas;
  • boosting the commercial and operational independence of carriers;
  • strengthening the division between potentially competitive activities;
  • development of an independent and integrated management model for the natural gas transport system;
  • increased transparency with regard to pricing and the characteristics, capabilities and use of infrastructure accessible to third parties;
  • installation of the input and output model for booking capacity transport;
  • encouraging lower transaction costs in the natural gas chain and increasing market liquidity;
  • adherence to the grant model for the activities of transport and underground storage of natural gas, adhering to the dynamics of the industry;
  • boost to the development of natural gas storage facilities;
  • enabling non-discriminatory and transparent access of individuals to the outflow of gas pipelines;
  • improvement of indicative infrastructure plans;
  • improvement of the tax structure of the natural gas sector in the country;
  • promoting compliance between state and federal regulations;
  • usufruct of the Union's natural gas, on an economic basis, bearing in mind the priority of supplying the national market;
  • effective association between the natural gas and electric energy sectors;
  • secure transition to the new natural gas market model.

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