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Banco Pan is offering 1,000 vacancies in free online and distance learning courses to train new professionals in the IT area

Banco Pan has open enrollment in its program of free online and distance learning courses for people seeking […]

PER April 10, 2022 9:25 am

Capgemini is offering 300 home office job openings for IT professionals from all over Brazil

Capgemini highlights that home office job vacancies are for the Information Technology area, […]

PER April 7, 2022 10:36 am

Banco Pan is offering 100 scholarships to train new professionals in data processing and analysis

Banco Pan has hundreds of scholarships for its bootcamp program, which aims to train […]

PER March 30, 2022 10:45 am

With more than 800,000 vacancies open by 2025, a specialist says that Brazil needs to create practically an army of new professionals to work in the IT area

With the market demanding more than 800,000 Information Technology professionals by 2025, several companies are offering courses […]

PER March 13, 2022 10:02 am

Serasa Group company opens more than 40 home office vacancies in the technology area for professionals from anywhere in the country

PagueVeloz, a Serasa Group company, is offering several job openings for Python, C#, React, Flutter and […]

PER February 11, 2022 11:34 am

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